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City : Roubaix – FRANCE

Application market: Medical & Health / Smart Home



Yumii is a start-up from Roubaix (FRANCE) created in April 2016 and operating in the personal service sector using a companion robot named Cutii.
We revolutionize the daily lives of seniors by simplifying communication with their family, caretakers and doctors.

Our will is to:
– Create social links to improve the well-being of elders and delay dependency.
– Maintain the elders at home.

During the CES 2017, Yumii received a CES Innovation Award in the category “Tech For A Better World”.


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Yumii develops two products for the health and well-being of the elders:
– A collborative plateform, constituing a real eco-system, into which co-exist the caretakers, the doctors and the family of the elders.
– A companion robot, Cutii, which acts as an intermediate between the elders and the platform.

The goal of Cutii is to help elders with reduced mobility. It is an autonomous voice-activated robot. It provides to elders the possibility to communicate without limit with their families or to contact doctors. As a precursor to automated remote assistance at home, this new generation product gives elders access to a catalog of activities and services to break the isolation. Making a video call with grandchildren or visiting the latest exhibition at the Louvre Museum has never been easier!



The key-points of innovation of our product are:
– It is autonomous and recharge itself.
– Its telescopic neck adapts its height to the the height of its user, in order to have the most comfortable use.
– Its facial detection.
– Its simplicity of use with its fully vocal control interface.
– Its collborative plateform into which co-exist the caretakers, the doctors and the family of the elders.


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