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Unity Robotics

City: Waldenbuch – GERMANY

Application market: Hospitality retail & Tourism



Unity Robotics has the vision to create dependable and easy-to-use service robotics solutions for everyday and work environments to increase productivity and improve business processes of enterprises. Based on the fourth generation of the Care-O-bot series (, Unity produces modular service robot components that can be quickly composed and configured to customer specific solutions, first time right tailored to the needs of the customer application.

These components e. g., configurable steer-drive modules, mobile bases, user interaction units, and the unique scalable spherical joints can be used for automated solutions in the sectors  retail, hospitality, health-care and manufacturing. Unity Robotics GmbH was founded 2015 as a spin out from Fraunhofer IPA.



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Unity Robotics presents Paul, a mobile sales assistent robot that was developed together with partner Semvox. Paul will interact with visitors on the fair and guide them to the booth of Unity Robotics and Semvox.



The key-points of innovation of Care-O-bot 4 lie in its spherical joints, that provide an excellent agility, large work space and high expressivity through body and head postures in the user interaction. Its modular concept allows to scale the degrees-of-freedom seemlessly from 2 to 29 without any development.


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