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City: Saint Genis Laval – FRANCE

Application market: Industry 4.0 / Smart Cities



TwinswHeel is an expert startup in the design of small autonomous vehicles. We design mechanics, electronics and artificial intelligence / control , that we embedded in our droids. Our markets are logistics for enclosed site and the last mile city logistics.

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TwinswHeel  is  an  Autonomous  Parcel Delivery  Droid.  We  design  and manufacture  droids  that  will  contribute to the future of urban logistics.  The  first  step  is  to  focus  on enclosed  locations  such  as  large industrial  sites  and  shortly  after  cities    with    e-commerce    and convenience  stores.  Our  droid  is  a autonomous vehicle in order to succeed in self-sufficient  goods  delivery    business.  TwinswHeel    is    a  smart,    flexible    and  efficient    droid  for  year  round  delivery 24/7.


The droid TwinswHeel is a small self-driving vehicle for the logistics of the last kilometer. Today it is able to function in collaborative mode by following a master or by moving alone on a enclosed and well known site. Its architecture gives it a very high level of agility and ability to climb edging

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