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City: Saint-Genis – FRANCE

Application market: Field robotics / Technology

Booth: Q12



Terabee designs, develops and produces the TeraRanger brand of small, fast and lightweight2D and 3D distance sensors and solutions. Frequently used in fast-moving ground and airborne robots for localisaon, navigation, collision avoidance and many more applications, TeraRanger sensors provide high performance at an affordable price.


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Terabee will be showcasing its TeraRanger brand of 2D and 3D distance sensors and its alternave to tradional rotanging LiDAR. Just recently Terabee applied its technology to a drone, showing for the first, how a stacic LIDAR scanner can be used for drone collision avoidance against a wall. We’ll also be showing TeraRanger Multiflex; eight plug and play sensors on one flexible bus which makes it easy to create custom configurations and to place sensors where needed.



Terabee’s innovations include its Time-of-Flight distance sensor modules which provide an unrivalled level of performance for their size, weight and price-point.The sensors also benefit from an easy to use, modular approach tomul-axis and multi-sensor configurations. Users can connect up to eight sensors to a central hub and receive a stream of calibrated distances in millimetres. This modular approach is at the heart of the TeraRanger Tower, Terabee’s alternave to tradional LiDAR. With no motors or other moving parts TeraRanger Tower is lightweight, robust and lower cost.


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