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City: Perigny – FRANCE

Application market: Industry 4.0 / Field robotics / Technology


TECDRON Robotic Systems group, designs, produces and markets mobile land platforms for its customers, and also markets its own robots.
The group has several sites in France and Romania where it is divided into a design office and a robot production and assembly factory.

From 50 to 500 kg, all TECDRON platforms are adaptable and scalable according to customers specifications. These platforms are accompanied by engineering, training and maintenance services.
The group has among its customers references such as the Paris Fire Brigade, the Minister of Armaments, ECA Robotics, Total, Scallog …

Products and Services @Innorobo

The TECDRON group offers modular platforms from 50 to 500 kg, for the realization of all types of robotic projects ranging from R & D to industrial series. TECDRON also brings associated services that provide a complete solution for your robotic project (design, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, training).

The VIPER is a small, reactive, dynamic and rugged crawler platform. For Innorobot, it is equipped with a laser, a camera and an embedded computer. In this configuration, it is an example of a solution for research and education.

The QUATOR, of medium size, offers an excellent compromise between size, price and carrying capacity.

SCARAB TX and SP – e³ are two very robust platforms with excellent crossing capabilities. These systems are fully configurable to accommodate accessories. Thanks to the Scarab TX, we are proud to be the first to have equipped, since 2014, the Paris Fire Brigade with firefighting robots.



Thanks to its various entities, the TECDRON group is equipped to answer a wide range of needs in mobile robotics. Our solutions, based on medium-sized platforms, with significant outdoor capabilities, integrate all services to support you throughout the life of your projects.

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