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City: Paris – FRANCE

Application market: Field robotics



TBC-France is a company specialized in security equipment. TBC-France distributes SMP Robotics autonomous outdoor surveillance robots in France and Belgium, and offers all-inclusive rentai services. TBC-France aise distributes security equipment such as explosive detectors and baggage scanners.


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TBC-France presents two models of autonomous surveillance robots from the S5 range of SMP Robotics. S5 robots are the first outdoor security robots that can operate in various terrain conditions. These robots are the ideal security complement for large open spaces that are difficult to cover with fixed cameras or guards rounds. The robots can discern a human being at 100 m and their highly sensitive sensors detect industrial risks (fire, gas leakage, etc.). Equipped with a full HD camera, they record the video signal in real-time and communicate with the control center.




  • Autonomous surveillance robots for outdoor usage.
  • After a first round with an operator, they carry on completely on their own.
  • 12 h / 24 km autonomy
  • PTZ camera with optical zoom
  • Surveillance range of 100 m
  • Seamless integration with existing security systems
  • Real-time video transmission and communication with the control center.



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