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City:  Pins-Justaret – FRANCE

Application market: Field robotics  / Smart Cities

Booth: S01



Innovation and electronics engineering for intelligent autonomous solutions.

For over 35 years, STERELA has developed solutions and innovative products in the fields of electronics, aerospace test tools, “Smart City”, weigh in motion, smart parking management, analysis of road traffic, live-fire military training targets, terrestrial and marine automatic weather stations for meteorological observation networks, and robotics.


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4MOB is an  all-terrain autonomous robot that carries heavy loads up to 300 kg in outdoor logistics. It targets industrial, construction, agricultural and outdoor operations. 4MOB has a great ease of mobility and the ability to carry a payload following a specific mission. This robot can also be operated in person tracking mode and can be remotely operated.

Its uniqueness lies in its great ability to move automatically move, indoors, outdoors and on any type of road. The maximum speed is 7 km/h and the maximum admisible slope is 30%. Thanks to these characteristics and its integration facilities, the platform can evolve as needed.

4MOB offers the opportunity to embed, on a standard interface, modules for different applications, according to the task being performed and the place where the vehicle is located. The payload capacity is up to 300kg.

4MOB, is an autonomous intelligent platform compliant with the standards. It iscertified CE and uses a configuration called autonomous navigation, which means that it can operates on its own, without the presence of a man. From starting point to destination, it can follow different routes which have been initially programmed, while managing obstacle avoidance (bumpers, obstacle detection, emergency shutdown systems …). It can operate in a 2D elevator, that is to say that when called, it goes from point A to point B in full autonomy.



  • Transport of heavy loads
  • All Terrain
  • Autonomous, teleoperated or in follow me mode
  • Robust
  • Various applications: external operations, construction, agriculture, logistics
  • 2D lift


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