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City: Bouguenais – FRANCE

Application market: Industry 4.0 / Medical & Health / Technology



SITIA develops and integrates innovative robotics systems with the aim to make innovation a reality. Through its branches Factory and Offroad, SITIA carries out its customers’ projects thanks to a team of PhDs and engineers gathering all the skills of robotics, more than 10 years of experience and a detailed knowledge of cutting edge industrial technology.


Products and Services @Innorobo

Two services are presented by SITIA :

  1. Integration of innovative robotic applications
    SITIA brings solutions to robotize/cobotize your process. Based on the modular architecture Sitia Robotic System, the systems developed by SITIA can be used by anybody thanks to user-friendly interfaces.
  2. Specific mobile robots, from R&D to industrialization.
    You have a use case? You think it can be robotized?
    SITIA answers your on-field issues and crosses the steps from R&D to industrial products.
    Examples of projects presented at Innorobo :

    • L&R YAKA arm (7 m long, 14 m/s velocity) enables to launch and recover fixed wings drones from a ship underway.
    • Agricultural robot PUMAgri (15 ha/day) is able to work autonomously on a high variety of cultures.


SITIA technological service is

  1. Innovative: at the crossroads of the latest advances in science (robotic control) and technology (perception and cobotics)
  2. Applied: relying on a strong knowledge of industrial and regulations contexts.


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