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Sanbot from Qihan Technology Co. Ltd. has powerful AI and machine-learning capabilities

Sanbot is an intelligent, cloud-enabled robot developed and produced by QIHAN Technology. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, QIHAN is a company focused on innovations in robotics, artificial intelligence, and video analysis.

QIHAN will take the Sanbot intelligent robot to Innorobo, which will be held on May 16-18th, 2017. Innorobo is one of the largest events to gather various professional robotics companies and leaders that are relevant to hi-tech robotics. QIHAN has been exploring new opportunities for collaboration with diverse and pioneering partners from all over the world. Innorobo is a perfect platform to let Sanbot show its robotics innovations to the European market.


Sanbot comes with reliable components and systems from international hi-tech giants. IBM Watson powers Sanbot’s artificial intelligence capabilities, enabling her to speak most of the commonly used languages around the world. In addition, Sony manufactured the forward-sensing cameras; Sharp supplied the 10.1 inch 1080P touchscreen that rests on her chest. And, QIHAN Technology is seeking more chances to cooperate with international hi-tech giants to benefit peoples’ lives.



Sanbot’s powerful AI and machine-learning capabilities will allow businesses to deliver richer and more interactive services that will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. With an open API that enables developers to build Android applications, Sanbot can be developed for industry-specific applications in retail, hospitality, education, and healthcare.


  • Retail: Sanbot is a shopping interpreter and guide, helping the human staff at shopping malls, supermarkets, other retail stores, and more.
  • Hospitality: Sanbot offers intelligent customer reception services for lobbies in hotels, banks, tax halls, and more.
  • Education: Sanbot is capable of teaching any level of education including kids, high school students, and university students.
  • Healthcare: Sanbot can help comfort and entertain the elderly at home, reduce queuing time at hospitals, and contribute some initial diagnostics for the doctors in hospitals and clinics

QIHAN Technology has released a series of solutions applied to different scenarios since Sanbot’s debut in 2016. Sanbot robots are already helping with customs inspections, nursing care, banks, airports, coffee shops, and more. Sanbot will soon help thousands of families and various scenarios such as shopping malls, hotels, classrooms, and hospitals. Sanbot’s proprietary solutions will increasingly utilize next-generation robotics and artificial intelligent technologies to help improve the lives of its customers.


Sanbot’s features:

  • Cloud-based artificial intelligence platform that supports machine-learning, facial and 3D image recognition, and semantic comprehension
  • Proprietary tri-polar system architecture – which means it comprises of robot, private cloud, and a mobile application – meaning users can control Sanbot from mobile devices like smart phones or tablets
  • Open API to support the development of Android apps and deployment in new environments
  • Ability to detect obstacles, human, and other objects via infrared sensors
  • Other sensors allow Sanbot to detect a nearby user, read gestures and facial expressions. Sanbot can also respond to complex voice commands
  • Full suite of audio-visual devices including a 10.1 inch 1080P touchscreen display and a built-in 1920 x 720 HD projector
  • 811 b/g/n Wi-Fi standards with ZigBee connectivity
  • 0Ah/300W lithium battery allows Sanbot a running time of four hours and twenty hours for standby mode
  • Self-charging function: Sanbot finds and moves to charging station itself

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