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RobMoSys project – Models and Software for Robotics – Call for projects

RobMoSys’ goal: to boost software development for robotics.



By defining a common method and environment for affordable software of certifiable quality, and by involving the whole robotics community.


The project

The goal is ambitious: up to now, there have been lots of software development platforms for robotics, and they often depend on the robot type (service robot, cobot, field robot, …) and its environment (cage-robot, outdoor, within occupied environment, …). Thus, platforms maintenance and robots development costs and efforts are huge.

In order to reduce costs while increasing quality, the project is going to create a common development platform based on composable software models. This platform will be built upon existing ones and will enhance them while preserving their independence and specificity. It will thus provide software components “on-the-shelf” with a detailed description (behavior, maturity, usage constraints, …) and which are reusable from a robot to another. For instance, an integrator will be able to integrate into his own environment a module that was developed in another given environment (e.g. ROS, Yarp, SmartSoft, MOOS, Orocos, Reflexxes, MoveIT,…), thanks to platform-independent models and proper bridges.

So as to reach the whole robotics community, the project will involve as many actors as possible: robots designer and end-users, integrators, software developers, researchers, etc. For that, half of RobMoSys budget (i.e. €4 Million) is dedicated to sub-project funding (“open-calls”) available to everyone.

First open call: end of June. To be followed on RobMoSys website:

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