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City: Moneteau – FRANCE

Application market: Industry 4.0



RB3D continuously innovates and designs strength assistance solutions to facilitate the strenuous and painful manual jobs. For us in industry 4.0 man’s flexibility and know-how will be unequalled, reason why we engineer cobots and exoskeletons in order to work effortlessly and preserve their safety. With our solutions one can protect people improve productivity, and meet industry 4.0 targets!



Product & Services @Innorobo

  • HERCULE : the 4th HERCULE prototype is dedicated to carry back loads and with a simple, light and affordable technology, it can lift up to 60 kg. This evolution of the mechanical design reflects a new paradigm for wearbots: non-antropomorphism, which allows a compact and non-hindering exoskeleton.
  • EXOPUSH : after a tough testing plan on swiss road works, Exopush comes in an industrialized version. The first exoskeleton able to provide horizontal strength has increased its power:  it can spread mix with more than 50 Kg pressure, it has 6h of battery autonomy an weights only 12 kg. User’s experience feedback allowed to yet improve mobility and precision of movements.


  • Exoback : Compact, light and rapid telescopic legs, which helps to fit Exoback’s height to any size of user.
  • Exopush : New generation of high reversibility actuator. Compact, light and powerful. Produces an horizontal push or pull strength, without compromising user’s equilibrium.



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