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Qenvi Robotics

City: Valbonne – FRANCE

Application market: Industry 4.0 / Medical & Health / Field robotics / Technology



QENVI Robotics is a subsidiary of QENVI. QENVI is a service company in the fields of certifications (Quality, Safety, Environment), industrial performance and IT services.

Created in July 2016, the subsidiary QENVI Robotics develops a product resulting from QENVI’s expertise and findings at its customers. The product assembles the expertise of Quality, IT, and robotics by developing a load-bearing follower robot, connected to a mobile application and server software.



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QENVI Robotics offers a composed solution:

  • A follower robot (following a Smartphone), designed to carry the loads of the user. Upon identification of the user to the robot, the latter will follow it in all its movements
  • A mobile stocks management application
  • A server software for supervision and analysis

The robot can be separated from the software part, there are two models carrying respectively 30 & 100 kg. The tracking system can be carried out on any chassis.
Examples of use: stock management, order preparation, assistance with shopping, agriculture, hospitals …



Key points of innovation:

  • The following solution is patented
  • Implementation of the following system on any chassis
  • Possibility of interfacing the software with the existing
  • The follow of the robot is securised with a unique identifier
  • Optimization of the user’s movements
  • Simplification, synchronization and security of product and stock datas
  • Resolution of the issue of hardship


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