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City: La Roche-Sur-Yon – FRANCE

Application market: Industry 4.0

Booth: R08



Inaugurated in 2013 in La Roche sur Yon, PROXINNOV is located at the heart of the Campus Robotic and Manufacturing, the place of meeting, fertilization and collaboration to build, spread best practice and help tools for the integration of robots and cobot. The platform has for mission to develop robotics in the industry and to make sensitive in its stakes.
PROXINNOV, is a federative space accompanying companies in their projects of robotization, by giving its skills, its equipments and premises for technical services. It is also a network of partners, experts and ways allowing to answer the stakes in the Factory of Future.



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PROXINNOV’s goal it to provide to all of its members the kind of help they need to fulfil their projects. The Platefrome Régionnale d’Innovation provides a global support in the robotics projects of local companies, going from the analysis to the technical development, industrialization and launching. PROXINNOV is also able to provide hardware to its members such as robots. It is this offer which will be presented on the lounge.


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