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Pollen Robotics

City: Toulouse – FRANCE

Application market: Smart Cities / Smart Home / Technology

Booth: R01



Pollen Robotics aims to become a key player in the democratization of robotics by facilitating the creation and use of robots. This revolution will be driven by a scientific and expert vision of robotic design and an acute awareness of the barriers to entry into the field. Pollen Robotics develops a technological solution to significantly reduce this barrier through a complete robotic ecosystem. Pollen Robotics works on a modular architecture that will allow to vary the shape and the capacities (actuators, sensors) of robots with a great versatility and without worrying about the very technical aspects of the interconnection between sub-parts of the robot.



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We will present our robotic architecture called Robus. Robus makes it possible to move from a robot idea to its realization in a few minutes. This allows to concentrate on the usages of a robot rather than on its technical aspects.

Robus aims at:

  1. Prototyping a physical robot in 1 day
  2. Developing a robotic application in 1 week
  3. Putting a robot into production in less than 6 months

Robus is therefore a tool to significantly reduce the robot design cycle through the ability to iterate easily between robotic design, applications and user testing.



Unification of mechanical, electronic and computer systems in modular bricks to facilitate their combination in a robotic system. The innovative character is mainly focused on the pooling of a wide range of expertise and technologies, ranging from low-level electronics to visual interfaces, embedded code, mechanical interface and high-level controllers.


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