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City:  Pins-Justaret – FRANCE

Application market: Field robotics  / Smart Cities

Booth: S01



Innovation and electronics engineering for intelligent autonomous solutions.

For over 35 years, STERELA has developed solutions and innovative products in the fields of electronics, aerospace test tools, “Smart City”, weigh in motion, smart parking management, analysis of road traffic, live-fire military training targets, terrestrial and marine automatic weather stations for meteorological observation networks, and robotics.


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4MOB is an  all-terrain autonomous robot that carries heavy loads up to 300 kg in outdoor logistics. It targets industrial, construction, agricultural and outdoor operations. 4MOB has a great ease of mobility and the ability to carry a payload following a specific mission. This robot can also be operated in person tracking mode and can be remotely operated.

Its uniqueness lies in its great ability to move automatically move, indoors, outdoors and on any type of road. The maximum speed is 7 km/h and the maximum admisible slope is 30%. Thanks to these characteristics and its integration facilities, the platform can evolve as needed.

4MOB offers the opportunity to embed, on a standard interface, modules for different applications, according to the task being performed and the place where the vehicle is located. The payload capacity is up to 300kg.

4MOB, is an autonomous intelligent platform compliant with the standards. It iscertified CE and uses a configuration called autonomous navigation, which means that it can operates on its own, without the presence of a man. From starting point to destination, it can follow different routes which have been initially programmed, while managing obstacle avoidance (bumpers, obstacle detection, emergency shutdown systems …). It can operate in a 2D elevator, that is to say that when called, it goes from point A to point B in full autonomy.



  • Transport of heavy loads
  • All Terrain
  • Autonomous, teleoperated or in follow me mode
  • Robust
  • Various applications: external operations, construction, agriculture, logistics
  • 2D lift


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Sogeti High Tech

City: Issy Les Moulineaux – FRANCE

Application market:
Industry 4.0 / Medical & Health / Field robotics / Smart Cities / Smart Home / Hospitality retail & Tourism



With more than 30 years’ experience into R&D, Engineering and Manufacturing, Sogeti High Tech is a reliable partner for major industrial stakeholders through Europe.

To better answer clients’ needs, Sogeti High Tech has developed 7 areas of expertise:

  • Consulting
  • Physical Engineering
  • System Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Industrial IT
  • Testing
  • Industrial Cybersecurity


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Robotics provides autonomous systems which are everywhere. The latest generation of robot is capable of collaborating with humans in the same workspace and even to fulfill its task not only in manufacturing, but also in many other domains. Today’s market is waiting for a new generation of robots, able to interact in a safe and natural way with its environment and becoming a helpful part of the human society. This demonstration through our solution TRY shows how the cognitive capacities applied to robotics will open a new area of collaboration. By using cognitive functions, the showcased solution integrates vision and speech and steps ahead towards digital manufacturing; giving industry 4.0 a whole new perspective.

Our solution
Discover Teach Robot Yourself, the platform ready to ease the use of robots for testing, automation and collaborative learning in a secure and connected environment.




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Qihan Technology

City: Shenzhen – CHINA

Application market: Medical & Health / Hospitality retail & Tourism



Founded in 2006, QIHAN Technology Co. Ltd. is a company focused on innovating Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Video Analysis. QIHAN’s headquarters is in Shenzhen, China, and its proprietary brands, Qihan, Sanbot, and Q-Link, utilize new robotics and AI technologies to help improve the businesses and lives of the customers.

Sanbot is an intelligent, cloud-enabled service robot developed by Qihan Technology Co. Ltd., a robotics and AI company headquartered in ShenzhenChina. The open platform robot is a Hardware-App-Cloud service combined three-in-one customized open system, which offers directional solutions for home and commercial users in Retail, Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, areas.



Now, QIHAN sets its sights on the US, European and APAC market. QIHAN is looking to work with developers and integrators from various industries to develop new applications, software, and functionalities that tap into Sanbot’s full potential. With potential partnerships, QIHAN plans to co-develop customized robotics applications and software to maximize Sanbot, while advancing the robot’s functionalities, knowledge, and skills for each individual business sector or scenario.




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Sanbot will show many amazing industry solutions at innorobo 2017.

  • Retail
    • Able to be both a receptionist and a shopping guide, helping the human staff with their day-to-day activities.
    • Attracts more shoppers and effectively controls the labor cost.
    • Increased foot traffic
    • Entertainment brought by Sanbot enhanced customer experience for technology
    • Relieving the staff’s work load
  • Hospitality, robot services impressed the customers
    • Attracted more foot traffic
    • Improved customer experience
    • Cost effective when compared to the cost of human labor
  • Education
    • Improves the kids’ participation and motivation in school activities
    • Kids were eager to learn more
    • Offers hi-tech hardware devices for kindergarten classrooms
  • HealthCare
    • Reduce patients’ waiting time
    • Qihan’s secure cloud service will keep patients’ records secure
    • Help save a doctor’s time but also make sure people are directed to the right medicine by Sanbot
    • Sanbot can help the doctors cure the patient and make the patient’s stay a little more enjoyable
    • 24 hour nursing care


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City: Bain de Bretagne – FRANCE



Robobox was founded in March 2016 by Jonathan Trévier. After studying business in Nantes, Jonathan decided to dedicate himself to his passion for robotics and programming. He took a number of online courses in robotics programming and machine learning before starting Robobox, the first subscription box dedicated to robotics.

These monthly boxes containing electronic components and 3D-printed parts offer increasingly complex programming, electronics and robotics projects. This unique concept offers a fun way to progressively learn about a discipline that will shape the world of tomorrow. Robobox also provides a solution to one of the paradoxes of Internet: with MOOCs, we all have access to unlimited knowledge, but to take these classes, you have to be truly proactive. With Robobox, the rhythm and community help to provide a stimulating framework for learning.

In one year, the Robobox team has tripled in size and distributes its educational robots throughout Europe.

Robobox offers subscriptions to robotics boxes, each kit containing Arduino-compatible 3D-printed components and parts. What’s more, the box is not limited to the components, but also includes all of the instructions necessary to build the projects, as well as access to an online community where subscribers can get assistance when working on their projects.

The first months enable beginners to become familiar with the basic principles of electronics by building an infrared alarm. Subscribers then move onto building a jointed arm, a robotic dog, a robotic car and a motorcycle, ending with a drone. To allow everyone to discover robotics, the projects can be programmed in either Scratch (an easy language) or C++ (more advanced).

Robobox is designed for young people ages 10 and up, parents or anyone looking for a new challenge.


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Robotics Place

City: Toulouse – FRANCE

Application market:
Industry 4.0 / Medical & Health / Field robotics / Smart Cities / Smart Home / Technology



Robotics Place is the 1st cluster of robotics created in France, it operates in the Occitanie region. It has 77 members, from the start-up companies to the large international group, research laboratories and schools. Robotics Place covers all areas of robotics: industrial robotics, service robotics and drones.
Robotics Place is able to federate the best specialists in each technology to meet a customer need by forming a consortium and coordinating it. Whatever your need in the robotics or drones sector, Robotics Place can direct you to the best solution or design it for you.

The strength of Robotics Place lies in its ability to select from among its 77 members, each with one or more technological expertise (s) specialized in a particular field, the partners most suited to meet a need.



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City: Illkirch – FRANCE

Application market: Industry 4.0 / Medical & Health / Field robotics / Technology



Robotex: the national network of robotics platforms (N°ANR-10-EQPX-44-01)

The French government has decided to invest over 10 million Euro for equipment of national research platforms in various domains of robotics. (investissements d’avenir).
This national network of platforms is called ROBOTEX. The main goal of the ROBOTEX is to setup coherent infrastructures of technical equipment in order to :

  • Promote scientific exchange and development of collaborative work between academic research teams, companies and end- users, and provide durable and reusable expertise and know–how,
  • Give researchers high-level equipments with a facilitated access,
  • Increase the visibility of the French robotics academic research and its international impact. It particularly concerns the strengthening of its European scientific leadership, and the increase of collaborative works with leading European countries as well as at an international level,
  • Boost the competitiveness of French companies and open new markets based on robotic technologies.

The experimental platforms of the ROBOTEX national network mostly belong to joint CNRS-university laboratories with strong research and development activities in robotics, and having the necessary human resources to give access and provide optimal exploitation of the platforms. This national network links together most of the leading academic robotics research teams in France.



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ROBOTEX draws on 27 teams in 15 research laboratories and it is structured in 5 thematic sub-networks :

  • Production robotics – RobProd
  • Mobile robotics – RobMob
  • Medical robotics – RobMed
  • Micro-Nanorobotics – MicroRob
  • Humanoid Robotics and Natural Interactions – RHIN



Robotex network federates technical and experimental means of robotic platforms. It enabled the pooling of human and material resources and the important co-financing projects valuing equipment platforms.





City: La Roche-Sur-Yon – FRANCE

Application market: Industry 4.0

Booth: R08



Inaugurated in 2013 in La Roche sur Yon, PROXINNOV is located at the heart of the Campus Robotic and Manufacturing, the place of meeting, fertilization and collaboration to build, spread best practice and help tools for the integration of robots and cobot. The platform has for mission to develop robotics in the industry and to make sensitive in its stakes.
PROXINNOV, is a federative space accompanying companies in their projects of robotization, by giving its skills, its equipments and premises for technical services. It is also a network of partners, experts and ways allowing to answer the stakes in the Factory of Future.



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PROXINNOV’s goal it to provide to all of its members the kind of help they need to fulfil their projects. The Platefrome Régionnale d’Innovation provides a global support in the robotics projects of local companies, going from the analysis to the technical development, industrialization and launching. PROXINNOV is also able to provide hardware to its members such as robots. It is this offer which will be presented on the lounge.