Innorobo 2017 - May 16-18, Paris, France

Shenzhen Seal Precision Technology Co.

City: Guangzhou – CHINA

Application market: Hospitality retail & Tourism



Shenzhen Seal Precision Technology Co., Ltd was established in year 2006

  • More than 10 years experience on rapid prototyping
  • Advanced location: close to Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport
  • Business area:25000 square meters
  • Professional technicians:230
  • Seal owns dozens of professional rapid prototyping machines, including 10 sets SLA machines (import from Japan),1 set SLS, 30 sets CNC,1 set 5 axis gantry CNC, 8 sets vacuum
  • Casting machines, and CMM, 3D scanner etc.

Shenzhen Seal is:

  • One of the Largest Rapid Prototyping Bases in China
  • Member of China Shenzhen Machinery Association
  • Passed ISO9001:2008 quality authentication in year 2008
  • Passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification in year 2011
  • Passed TS16949 quality authentication in year 2014

Products and Services @Innorobo

Seal will assist you on:

  • R&D of Robot by 3D printing-SLA, SLM
  • R&D of Robot by CNC Machining
  • Small volume Production of Robot by Vacuum Casting
  • Small volume Production of Robot by RIM
  • QC by 3D Scanner & CMM

LIPS Corporation

City: Taipei – TAIWAN

Application market: Field robotics / Smart Cities / Smart Home



LIPS offer best-of-breed 3D machine vision total solution for our customers throughout the world. This includes our high-performance depth cameras based on ToF, stereo, array, and structured light technologies and OpenNI compatible middleware suite empowered with parallel processing and rich recognition algorithms. The success stories span across industries such as natural user interface for kiosk display, 3D measurement in logistics, fall detection in longterm care, posture recognition for treadmill in fitness, SLAM for AGV, 3D scanning, and robotic cleaner, etc… With LIPS 3D machine vision platform, what you can do with it can only be limited by your imagination. So join us to create your next success story with LIPS.

We are seeking potential business partners in 3D machine vision application worldwide in any of the following categories:

  • Solution provider
  • System integrator
  • Product customization and integration
  • End customers of our standard depth cameras or solutions
  • Regional agency


Products and Services @Innorobo

LIPS 3D machine vision platform offers the best-of-breed performance that can be summarized as follows:

  • Cross platforms (Windows, Linux, Android, and macOS)
  • UVC compatible
  • Works indoor and outdoor
  • Working range: 0.1~8m
  • Wide FoV (HxV: 74×58)
  • Standalone or Dongle
  • Parallel processing + Neural Network based Middleware SDK



We set out in the early stage to become a total 3D vision solution provider including lines of low-cost high-performance depth cameras and OpenNI 1.5/2.2 compatible middleware SDK which guarantees doing the work out of the box and free of compatibility concern. This strategy turns out to be a smart and first choice to and is appreciated by our customers. Depending upon applications, our customers may choose from 3D depth cameras based on different technologies behind the scene suiting your needs including ToF (Time of Flight), Stereo, Structured Light, and Array Camera. On top of these technologies, there’s also an FPGA standalone solution offering customers the maximum flexibility in their product integration. These technologies in the cameras that we have to offer combined with our incomparable and patented algorithm performance in middleware SDK exploiting parallel processing to its extreme undoubtedly gives our throughput-hungry customers the needed edge in their own advanced product development. These strong and constant demands from our customers have been driving us to excel and transcend over the years manifested in our product generations.


City: Bouguenais – FRANCE

Application market: Industry 4.0 / Medical & Health / Technology


SITIA develops and integrates innovative robotics systems with the aim to make innovation a reality. Through its branches Factory and Offroad, SITIA carries out its customers’ projects thanks to a team of PhDs and engineers gathering all the skills of robotics, more than 10 years of experience and a detailed knowledge of cutting edge industrial technology.


Products and Services @Innorobo

Two services are presented by SITIA :

  1. Integration of innovative robotic applications
    SITIA brings solutions to robotize/cobotize your process. Based on the modular architecture Sitia Robotic System, the systems developed by SITIA can be used by anybody thanks to user-friendly interfaces.
  2. Specific mobile robots, from R&D to industrialization.
    You have a use case? You think it can be robotized?
    SITIA answers your on-field issues and crosses the steps from R&D to industrial products.
    Examples of projects presented at Innorobo :

    • L&R YAKA arm (7 m long, 14 m/s velocity) enables to launch and recover fixed wings drones from a ship underway.
    • Agricultural robot PUMAgri (15 ha/day) is able to work autonomously on a high variety of cultures.


SITIA technological service is

  1. Innovative: at the crossroads of the latest advances in science (robotic control) and technology (perception and cobotics)
  2. Applied: relying on a strong knowledge of industrial and regulations contexts.

Harmonic Drive France

City: Villeurbanne – FRANCE

Application Market: Industry 4.0 / Medical and Health / Field robotics



For more than 40 years, Harmonic Drive is an undisputed leader for the supply of gears and servomotors for robotics. The Harmonic Drive principle offers lightness, compactness, high accuracy and zero backlash and is therefore ideal for robotics.
Harmonic Drive includes three factories in Germany, in Japan and in the USA. Harmonic Drive AG in Germany is responsible for all Europe. Based in Villeurbanne (69), Harmonic Drive France works with almost all the actors of the robotics market.

Products and Services @Innorobo

  • CHA
    Largest hollow shaft with precision output bearing. Now available in the sizes 14 and 17, which are particularly appropriate for robotics.
  • Unit SHD-2SH
    Short overall length with largest hollow shaft.


Our new units and actuators presented on INNOROBO permit space saving with more accuracy and torque.

Génération Robots



City: Mérignac – FRANCE

Application Market: Industry 4.0 / Medical and Health / Field robotics / Hospitality retaill & Tourism


Professional service-robotics integrator and and the biggest Europan supplier for robotics product aimed towards Education and Research. French company Generation Robots is offering the best way to get you involved in the service robotics world:

  • Design and development of innovative solutions (human/robot interaction, machine learning, industrial robotics…)
  • On site deployment of turnkey solutions
  • Training in robot programming (ROS, certified NAO and PEPPER trainers)
  • Reliable and efficient technical support

For us, service and software make the difference.

Products and Services @Innorobo

Products :

  • Sawyer collaborative robot mounted on the Husky mobile robot
  • Open Source Poppy humanoid robot – KERAAL Project
  • Pepper humanoid robot – SMART Pepper software application
  • SERVOSILA Waterproof servomotor
  • Pioneer 3DX mobile robot – mapping and navigation

Services :

  • Development and integration of service robotics solutions
  • Development of industrial robotics solutions
  • Software development
  • Training in robot programming (ROS, Nao, Pepper)


  • New software application for the Pepper humanoid robot
  • New product for the medical sector
  • First Sawyer collaborative robot mounted on a mobile robot in the world

If you want a vision of the future, visit our booth! A funny humanoid robot is greeting you and is able to provide you informations, to guide you, to print you a badge as to book a taxi for you! You also will discover a robot able to assist kinesitherapists.
Oh, and are you ready for industry 4.0 ? It is expected to change the face of manufacturing over the next 10 years. Come discuss with us and discover how.


City : Nogent Sur Marne – FRANCE

Application Market: Industry 4.0 / Technology


EURLAB – European Robotic LABoratoy

EURL AB is dedicated to all people interested in robotics: teachers, students, “makers”, schools and companies .
EURLAB was created by three european schools as an ERASMUS+ Project funded by European Commission:

  • Lycée Louis Armand in Nogent sur Marne, a French Technical High School specialized in Computer Aided Design, Electricity, Robotics and Mechatronics.
  • Heinz Nixdorf Berufskollegin Essen, a German Technical High School specialized in Electronics, Automation, IT, Mechatronics, Programming and Software Engineering.
  • ITI AM in Cosenza, an Italian Technical High School specialized in Programming, Networking and Robotics.


Products and Services @Innorobo

EURLAB is a multi-dimensional space for Robotics and its associated technologies:

A. Digital space,,  of open source teaching materials for students, teachers and makers for learning, creating and testing robotic systems:

  • Mind maps of robotic experiments with teaching materials: courses, videos, 3D animations, CAD files, programs;
  • EURLAB matrix: Skills/robotic experiments;
  • Teacher Kit  with teaching methods and organizations;
  • Maker Kit with methods and guides;
  • Virtual laboratory to test its programs, connected to the robotic systems present in the physical laboratories (the Labs).

B. Physical spaces (the Labs) for collaborative learning and creation:

  • Provide robotic workshops for students and teachers
  • Serving as models for FabLab receiving Makers
  • Host robotic systems that can be controlled by the virtual lab.

C. Digital platform for collaborative design and simulation of robotic systems:

  • Enables collaborative design (design of robotic systems)
  • Allows simulations (virtual tests) of robotic systems
  • Allows the creation of parts, carried out by rapid prototyping (3D printing, laser cutting, …)

– Robot kits with the open source learning content
– Robotics projects: Rescue Drone; Teleoperated arm and Music Bot.
– videos on workshops organized with students showing the teaching method.


What is innovative in EURLAB:

  • The new way to learn Robotics using innovative pedagogical methodologies
  • The opportunity to have a complete experience in the development of robotic systems: creating, designing, programing, manufacturing, testing.
  • The use of virtual lab connected to distributed systems like in Industry 4.0.


City : Roubaix – FRANCE

Application market: Medical & Health / Smart Home


Yumii is a start-up from Roubaix (FRANCE) created in April 2016 and operating in the personal service sector using a companion robot named Cutii.
We revolutionize the daily lives of seniors by simplifying communication with their family, caretakers and doctors.

Our will is to:
– Create social links to improve the well-being of elders and delay dependency.
– Maintain the elders at home.

During the CES 2017, Yumii received a CES Innovation Award in the category “Tech For A Better World”.


Products and Services @Innorobo

Yumii develops two products for the health and well-being of the elders:
– A collborative plateform, constituing a real eco-system, into which co-exist the caretakers, the doctors and the family of the elders.
– A companion robot, Cutii, which acts as an intermediate between the elders and the platform.

The goal of Cutii is to help elders with reduced mobility. It is an autonomous voice-activated robot. It provides to elders the possibility to communicate without limit with their families or to contact doctors. As a precursor to automated remote assistance at home, this new generation product gives elders access to a catalog of activities and services to break the isolation. Making a video call with grandchildren or visiting the latest exhibition at the Louvre Museum has never been easier!



The key-points of innovation of our product are:
– It is autonomous and recharge itself.
– Its telescopic neck adapts its height to the the height of its user, in order to have the most comfortable use.
– Its facial detection.
– Its simplicity of use with its fully vocal control interface.
– Its collborative plateform into which co-exist the caretakers, the doctors and the family of the elders.



City: Obernai – FRANCE

Application market: Industry 4.0 / Medical & Health / Field robotics


Whether for versatile solutions from the modular system or for customer-specific solutions in large-scale production: ebm-papst has been the system supplier for small and industrial motors for decades. From AC or DC motors to electronically commutated drives, as external or internal rotor motors, all the way to the complete drive system with gearbox, sensors and operating electronics.


Products and Services @Innorobo

Motors and drive technology.
Motors, gearboxes, brakes and control systems from ebm-papst are characterized by high precision of operation, reliability and robustness. With a large range of DC and brushless motor which extends from 5 to 750 W, available in a standard version, or optional with different control systems.


Our little genius.
It has in its little head the new internal rotor BLDC motor ECI 63.xx K4, more accurately put, in its completely integrated K4 electronic module, which allows a plurality of intelligent control options. Combining with all current market gear, it offers a choice of different power levels and lengths.