Innorobo 2018 - May, Paris, France

ARTS Energy

City: Nersac – FRANCE

Application market:
Industry 4.0 / Medical & Health / Field robotics / Smart Cities / Smart Home / Technology

Booth: R01



ARTS Energy is among the world’s leading manufacturers of rechargeable batteries for professional and technically demanding applications with more than 40 years of expertise delivered to customers. Our mission is to satisfy your application needs in the long term by providing safe and quality energy storage solutions and customer-focused service.
Our expert staff is passionated and works in an industrial facility centered on quality, service and cost control.

From pre study to after sales through prototypes, qualifications, certifications and production, we support you all along your project.

You need a reliable partner to develop and produce your device, do not hesitate to contact us, our experts will welcome you !



Products & Services @Innorobo

Among all technologies, it is not easy to make the best choice! With our comprehensive range, we advise you to  select the best solution to power your devices, based on your operational need:

  • Li Ion, the highest energy densities or power
  • Li Polymere, the smallest batteries
  • LiFePO4, with long cycling performances
  • NiMH, for extreme temperature

We work as a partner with the best lithium cells manufacturers of the market and our electronic experts design and qualify all safety protection board according to stringent safety rules!



  • We offer the highest energy density cells from the market  up to 250Wh/Kg), and also compact products (Polymers).
  • We design battery packs dedicated to your specific environnement, with plastic molding if required, or 3D printing for mock up.
  • We test our designs in lithium to validate the non-propagation of thermal runaway for the safest solution.
  • We manage all certifications required for your application (transport, security,…) to save your time and give you opportunity to concentrate on.



City: Bazas – FRANCE

Application market: Field robotics / Technology

Booth : R01



The company Lucas France is located in the South-west of France, near Bordeaux. Its politicy is oriented towards integrators and manufacturers of machines with numerical axes. Lucas has a pannel of solution for automatisation in order to build the industry of the future, composed of robotic axes, gantries and linear modules.

Since June 2016, Lucas is the exclusive distributor of the robots brand Comau for France. This partnership aims to develop Comau activities for the general industry where Lucas is aready known and appreciated


Les Inventeurs – Paris

City: Paris – FRANCE


Fab Lab

Les Inventeurs, a workshop for learning. A place where everyone can create new objects and share ideas!

Les Inventeurs is a space where children and adults can meet each other and invent new objects. It aims to foster the desire to learn and to “do it yourself” in 4 fields of activity:

  • Do-It-Yourself techniques
  • 3D modeling and printing
  • Carpentry
  • Metalworking

Les Inventeurs provides all of the tools and hardware required for creation and making.

From children, adult enthusiasts and students to retired people, parents and others, Les Inventeurs is open to anyone who wants to create, make and bring their ideas to life.


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Association Caliban

Booth : R16


Makers with Caliban

  • Sylvain Borelli, a member of Caliban, is coming with an Anki Cozmo robot and presenting his YouTube channel designed to popularize robotics.


  • Guy Feuilloley, Versatile Robot, Caliban member. Presenting several robots:
    • Mini R.E.G.I.S: The aim is to study an original means of one-wheel locomotion that, unlike current techniques, is based on the properties of the inertial gyroscope in order to simplify the stabilization control system. This mechatronics solution is advantageous in that it does not require powerful calculation resources.
    • An ultralight quadrapod with effort measurement incorporated in the leg structure. This robot is designed to study a new leg architecture that helps to sense efforts in a more natural way and to enable movements to be better adapted, while using very simple servomotors. QRIOUS seeks contact with the ground surface and also feels the weight of its leg.
    • An education kit to build a vibration-driven line-following robot. If walking or balancing on a single wheel seem too complex for you, another fun way to make a robot move could be to have it slide across the floor using vibration. This is what the Twin Bristlebot does. Here is my small contribution to the fun world of those who love minimalistic robotic mobility systems.


  • Thierry Biaujout, President of the Caliban association, presents his sumo robots and his robotic spider.


  • Raouf Ignath, Secretary of Caliban, presents Scratina, the sumo robot.


  • Bruno Motyka, Caliban member, will come with his Alpha 1S, an FPV drone and a sumobot
  • Matthieu Dewayrin, Caliban member which exposes a giant robotic hand made to be integrated on a 3m high exoskeleton arm



  • Vladimir Kadir, Caliban member, comes to expose its robot Stinger: Twice as heavy as a human, this robot is entirely made of metal!It is made mainly from recovered parts, it has a power of 400kg in the arm! It has a target recognition system that allows it to track objects or people.



  • Aymeric Weinbach will bring its Poppyrate, a humanoid robot printable in 3d. It is a derivative of the Poppy project intended to be a more affordable version in terms of price and to democratize humanoid robotics.




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Axyn Robotique

City: Meyreuil – FRANCE

Application market: Medical & Health / Hospitality retail & Tourism

Booth: S13



Axyn Robotique is a young start-up focusing on service robots conception, manufacturing and commercialization. Our ambition is to create robots with real added value about usage. These robots are the fruits of the work from a team of robotics experts supported by marketing and financial advisors. They are building a strong patent portfolio around the new concepts from their service robots range.






Aquitaine Robotics

City: Pessac – FRANCE

Booth: R01



The Aquitaine Robotics cluster provides an organizational backbone for the robotics sector of Nouvelle-Aquitaine region; supports collaborative R&D projects and develops scientific research and training skills.
It unites businesses, research-training organizations, and users.

Exibitors :






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City: Paris – FRANCE

Application market: Field robotics



TBC-France is a company specialized in security equipment. TBC-France distributes SMP Robotics autonomous outdoor surveillance robots in France and Belgium, and offers all-inclusive rentai services. TBC-France aise distributes security equipment such as explosive detectors and baggage scanners.


Products & Services @Innorobo

TBC-France presents two models of autonomous surveillance robots from the S5 range of SMP Robotics. S5 robots are the first outdoor security robots that can operate in various terrain conditions. These robots are the ideal security complement for large open spaces that are difficult to cover with fixed cameras or guards rounds. The robots can discern a human being at 100 m and their highly sensitive sensors detect industrial risks (fire, gas leakage, etc.). Equipped with a full HD camera, they record the video signal in real-time and communicate with the control center.




  • Autonomous surveillance robots for outdoor usage.
  • After a first round with an operator, they carry on completely on their own.
  • 12 h / 24 km autonomy
  • PTZ camera with optical zoom
  • Surveillance range of 100 m
  • Seamless integration with existing security systems
  • Real-time video transmission and communication with the control center.





City:  Pins-Justaret – FRANCE

Application market: Field robotics  / Smart Cities

Booth: S01



Innovation and electronics engineering for intelligent autonomous solutions.

For over 35 years, STERELA has developed solutions and innovative products in the fields of electronics, aerospace test tools, “Smart City”, weigh in motion, smart parking management, analysis of road traffic, live-fire military training targets, terrestrial and marine automatic weather stations for meteorological observation networks, and robotics.


Products & Services @Innorobo

4MOB is an  all-terrain autonomous robot that carries heavy loads up to 300 kg in outdoor logistics. It targets industrial, construction, agricultural and outdoor operations. 4MOB has a great ease of mobility and the ability to carry a payload following a specific mission. This robot can also be operated in person tracking mode and can be remotely operated.

Its uniqueness lies in its great ability to move automatically move, indoors, outdoors and on any type of road. The maximum speed is 7 km/h and the maximum admisible slope is 30%. Thanks to these characteristics and its integration facilities, the platform can evolve as needed.

4MOB offers the opportunity to embed, on a standard interface, modules for different applications, according to the task being performed and the place where the vehicle is located. The payload capacity is up to 300kg.

4MOB, is an autonomous intelligent platform compliant with the standards. It iscertified CE and uses a configuration called autonomous navigation, which means that it can operates on its own, without the presence of a man. From starting point to destination, it can follow different routes which have been initially programmed, while managing obstacle avoidance (bumpers, obstacle detection, emergency shutdown systems …). It can operate in a 2D elevator, that is to say that when called, it goes from point A to point B in full autonomy.



  • Transport of heavy loads
  • All Terrain
  • Autonomous, teleoperated or in follow me mode
  • Robust
  • Various applications: external operations, construction, agriculture, logistics
  • 2D lift


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