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Vol.4 – Agricultural Robotics

Europe is the world leader in cow-milking robots. Agriculture has already undergone its mechanical “revolution”. Robotics technologies are used differently depending on the size of the farm. For larger operations, tractors and other mobile devices are becoming autonomous, while drones monitor crops and can also be used to spread fertilizers.

At smaller farms, the work is transforming into “precision agriculture” with small autonomous robots that roam through the fields and, after distinguishing the weeds from the harmless plants and the ripe fruits from the unripe ones, spring into action with great precision. The robots pull out the weeds and pick the ripe fruits but, most importantly, do not touch what shouldn’t be touched. Interestingly, several initiatives aim to develop robotized crop and livestock farming for ecological purposes. Thus, Dino from Naïo Technologies is a weeding robot that straddles vegetable beds to mechanically weed large-scale vegetable farms, it is designed to weed industrial crops autonomously and without human supervision thanks to its guiding mechanism and its weeding and hoeing tools. It is electrically driven and requires less energy than a tractor, also lighter, it avoids compacting you soil, even when used frequently. Guided thanks to RTK GPS, you only need to enter the cartography of your field and when the robot finishes work, you will receive a text message on your smartphone.

Robotizing permaculture, i.e. natural, sustainable and self-sufficient growing systems, could help to foster its use at a broader scale.

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City: Paris – FRANCE

Application market: Field robotics / Technology

Booth: Q22



Flylab, the first fablab in France focusing on drone since 2013, developed since 2016 the 1st modular platform and open source of robotic integration and IA, as is Android for phones.

In our view, rolling, flying robotics combined with IoT and AI will facilitate the reduction of risks and costs in the many activities related to:

  • Collect and processing of data: inspection, monitoring, mapping, inventory, supervision, etc.
  • Transport of objects or persons
  • Robotic actions: cleaning, maintenance, etc …

In this digital transformation, these technologies could be new tools, a new branch of enterprise ERP.




City: Lausanne – SWITZERLAND

Application market: Medical & Health

Booth: R16



TWIICE is a modular lower limb exoskeleton for walking assistance that allows paraplegics to regain independence in their daily activities: sitting and standing, walking on regular, rough or tilted surfaces, climbing stairs or interacting in community.

Our intention is trying to give back users part of the sensations associated with walking or standing. Every disability being unique, one single exoskeleton alone cannot fulfill all expectations. Hence the need for a modular and customizable device. With a weight of 15 kilos and a battery enabling 3 hours of active walking, TWIICE is designed to handle different pathologies, morphologies and user experiences. The whole technical design is developed with a special emphasis on simplicity, which confers robustness, reliability and lightness to the device.

TWIICE is a spin-off from the Laboratoire de Systèmes Robotique at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). The team is multidisciplinary and consists of 3 PhD students and 2 engineers.



Fine Robotics

City: Seoul – SOUTH KOREA

Application market: Smart Home

Booth: Q02



Finerobotics Co., Ltd are composed of experts with more than ten years of experience in the development of robots & robot home appliances. Our goal is to lead the trend of the future robotic home appliances by focusing on research and development, and commercialize diverse creative & unique products to make better human environment.




Products & Services @Innorobo

  • Single Body & Triple Cleaner : H7500 (SENSEBOT)
  • Indoor water polishing robot cleaner : HC260 (I’SENSE)



Single Body & Triple Cleaner : H7500 (SENSEBOT)

  • Individual and combined use of the handheld vacuum cleaner + robot wet-mop cleaner
  • This 3-in-1 type cleaner can clean out wide spaces and even crevice.
  • Vacuum cleaner can be separated from the mobile docking station by clicking on single button

Indoor water polishing robot cleaner : HC260 (I’SENSE)

  • Satisfied customer’s need of hard floor cleaning
  • Personalized cleaning mode
  • Smart sensor system
  • Detachable 2 Catchmops provided
  • Equipped with eco-friendly and long lifespan phosphate battery


ROBO Divine

City: Daegu – SOUTH KOREA

Application market: Smart Home / Technology



ROBO Divine is a start-up company that develops and manufactures hardware and applications for personal service robots that can be used, utilizing their small-size smart robot hardware, in various areas such as education, toys for kidults, and assistance in psychiatry. ROBO Divine seeks human-centered harmony between robots and humans, fun and inspiration.
The headquarters of the company is located within the Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement, and the company is continuously growing with a variety of equipment and technical support from the Institute.
We focus on developing small-size robots that can be used in the daily life of everyone through their smartphones, which everyone owns nowadays.
Through the medium of robots, we will build robots that can globally share the attractiveness, practicality, and fun that robots can bring to our lives.



Products & Services @Innorobo

“MUBO” stands for Musing Coding Robot, and it can turn music into digital codes.
In addition to music, it can control its 7 servo-motors to turn motions into codes, and a song and motions (dance) of your own creation will be translated into the movements of the robots hardware and the sound from its speakers.
Using this feature, the robot could be used for coding education in elementary schools, and the robot could also be used for education and as a toy at home also, using the remote-use application that has various functions such as voice detection, human recognition, color detection, and sensors. It is a small smart robot that is like a friend to children.
The robot has a cute design and a variety of facial expressions that children like, and it is a biped walking robot, using the 4 servo-motors in its legs and a total of 7 servomotors.
Robot is controlled through a smartphone, which is connected with the robot via Bluetooth technology and docking on the robots face.



City: Saint-Quentin – FRANCE

Application market: Technology

Booth: Q01



EuroDAO is an advance driverless vehicle technology company, which aims to provide an autonomous tractor solution based on different sensors like camera, LIDAR etc.



Products & Services @Innorobo

The autonomous guidance technologies based on camera, the experiments based on robots, Cloud-based guidance experiments based on robot.



The autonomous guidance algorithm based on camera and the Cloud-based guidance


Boubiela Moret

City: Saint-Quentin – FRANCE

Application market: Industry 4.0

Booth: Q01



BOUBIELA MORET bring you experience and expertise in  integration  of robotic and transfer solutions. We not only establish complete solutions but we realize and install any project related to the transfer of load, handling and of course palletization.
Our large field of choice allows us to bring solutions for the transfer of loads of more than 5 kg, by integrating any ancillary demand (grip, vision, barcode, …).


Products & Services @Innorobo

BOUBIELA MORET will meet the demands of experience and expertise in the integration of robotic transfer solutions of any type.




APEGELEC Industrie

City: Saint-Quentin – FRANCE

Application market: Industry 4.0 / Technology

Booth: Q01



Forty years of proven expertise and innovation in low voltage cubicles, tailored innovative solutions for automatization in your company. APEGELEC is part of HIOLLE Industries and puts more than 700 people at your service.

They are specialized in the study, design and production of automated processes (boxes, reading desks, cabinets, robots, bundles, etc.), along with online service and your equipment’s electrical maintenance worldwide. The APEGELEC team features in-the-field know-how that makes it operational and able to work with you on diversified projects using the most sophisticated technologies.