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Intuitive Robots

City: Nantes – FRANCE

Application market: Technology

Booth: R14



Intuitive Robots gives a spark of life to humanoid robots. It particularly makes Pepper robots useful in the area of service and retail by proposing new software solutions within the digital strategies, and by providing strategy consulting in the use of humanoid robotics. Since 2014, Intuitive Robots main activity is only dedicated to humanoid robot applications and solutions.



Products & Services @Innorobo

Intuitive Robots has designed and developed “Pepper4Services” (P4S), the first ready-to-use solution for retailers and service companies. It covers a large number of use cases and is adaptable to any kind of business.

Through a single, secure web interface, this Robot CMS (Content Management System) enables to easily, rapidly and intuitively create and manage the robot’s content and behavior (dialogs in several languages, gestures and animations, sounds and music, tablet application starter, Look&Feel, images & slideshows, videos…).

P4S has been built specifically to reduce time-to-market and targeted for non-technical users, such as marketing or communication manager, or store manager, so companies can only focus on their business activities with Pepper.

With P4S, you can:

  • Promote your brand & customize advertising
  • Welcome, attract, inform and guide your customers
  • Present company services and promote products tailored to customers’ needs
  • Conduct satisfaction surveys and get feedbacks
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Entertain customers (Ready-to-use games & dances…)

In addition to the CMS, P4S provides real-time analytics accessible from the same web interface.
These statistics help to understand and measure interactions with Pepper, analyze the performances so P4S contents can be adapted accordingly to enhance Pepper Quality Of Service.



We will showcase new “Pepper4Services” Web CMS features enabling to enhance interactions between Pepper and people.


Robotopi – Conserto

City: Saint-Herblain – FRANCE

Application market: Medical & Health

Booth: R14



Conserto is an innovative and dynamic company offering consulting and IT expertise. Since the creation of CONSERTO, we propose a different project : a technological company where the human occupies the main place.

It is because we are experts in digital, embedded and cloud that we have created a structure dedicated to robotics services : « ROBOTOPI » to offer our customers innovative solutions in the field of humanoid robotics. Building the benevolent ecosystem of tomorrow is to imagine new communication channels, new forms of interaction with the machine, more natural, more emotional.



Products & Services @Innorobo

ROBOTOPI is a recognized expert in robotics solutions in the field of health

  • HOSPITAL COMPANION : a packaged offer for clinics and hospitals. Pepper accompanies the patient and nursing staff throughout their journey to the hospital (reception, identification, facial recognition, taking constants), communication with caregivers and patient’s relatives, interconnection to the IS, forensic information, entertainment…)
  • SILVER COMPANION : a packaged offer dedicated to the EHPAD. Pepper accompanies residents, caregivers and families to improve their daily lives (information such as meals, recall of medication, planning activities, orientation, orchestrator of conneted objects…)
  • MODULO CARE : an offer per module dedicated to all professionals in the medico-social sector (pharmacies, dentists, general practitioners and specialists, laboratories…)

Robotopi also offers point of sale reception and animation solutions

  • WELCOME : a hosting solution dedicated to companies to leave an incomparable memory to their visitors. Pepper takes advantage of the expectations of your visitors and customers by introducing them to your business. It also proposes to shorten the waiting thanks to its system of management of the appointments (making appointments, notifications…), management of the queue and fun animations (quizzes, games contests…). Pepper also provides administrative support.



Pepper is a humanoid robot of French design. It offers natural interactions that can be adapted to the visitor’s emotions thanks to facial recognition. Pepper is always connected to the company’s information system.

Choose Robotopi, is advancing forward on the path of innovation by building the solutions of tomorrow together.


GFI Informatique

City: Paris – FRANCE

Application market:
Medical & Health / Smart Cities / Smart Home / Hospitality retail & Tourism / Technology

Booth: R14



Gfi Informatique is a major player in value-added IT services and software in Europe, and through its differentiated approach occupies a strategic position between global firms and niche entities. With its multi-specialist profile, the Group serves its customers with a unique combination of proximity, sector organisation and industrial-quality solutions. The Group has around 14,000 employees and generated revenue of €1,015 million in 2016.



Products & Services @Innorobo

Firmin, digital concierge and reception solution offers to manage with high efficiency, private companies or public institutions reception areas.
With its modular conception, Firmin can welcome guests whether they are awaited or not and also provide a complete set of services for all.
Firmin is available in two versions:

  • Firmin Business, for digital reception areas.
  • Firmin Retail, dedicated to stores and sale points.

Create a true and unique user experience



GFI Informatique’s Social Robotics offer consists of :

  • A modular and evolutive software solution addressing the needs for businesses in fields suchs as :
  • Clients and guests reception as well as concierge services : private companies, public establishments, health care facilities and hospitality industry
  • Retail industry : Digital stores, point of sales and information
  • Pepper’s full integration to Gfi Informatique’s solution, bringing a engaging and unique user experience
  • A global offer for digital services



City: Saint-Quentin – FRANCE

Application market: Technology

Booth: Q01



Am’Bot is an association that aim to promote robotics in the upper-france region.


Products & Services @Innorobo

Am’Bot offers educational content on its website, but we also organize conferences about collaborative robotics and machine vision.
Through the association, students, enthusiasts plus also young entrepreneurs can test their software with industrial equipment.


SAVE THE DATE: ARGOS Challenge Awards Ceremony @Innorobo2017

In December 2013, Total launched the ARGOS (Autonomous Robot for Gas and Oil Sites) Challenge, a bold international robotics competition aiming to inspire a new generation of autonomous robots adapted to the specific needs of the oil and gas industry. These robots must be able to carry out inspection tasks, detect anomalies and intervene urgently in harsh conditions and environments such as sub-zero temperatures, deserts, isolated areas, at sea, on land, etc.

In June 2014, 5 teams from different countries (Austria/Germany, Spain/Portugal, France, Japan and Switzerland) were selected to design and build the 1st field robot compliant with the ATEX/IECEX standard (on explosive atmospheres). The Group granted a maximum of €600, 000 to each team and a prize of €500 000 will be awarded to the winner. Total commissioned the French National Research Agency (ANR) to run the call for projects launched in December 2013, to orchestrate the project evaluation process and to assist Total in organizing the competitions. The teams clashed at 4 competitions, with the final matchup held in March 2017 helping to determine the winner.

The event not only helps to meet new challenges in the oil and gas industry, but also embodies the pioneering, exploratory spirit of Total’s R&D.

Beyond the ARGOS Challenge, the use of such a robot could be extended to industrial complexes worldwide and have positive impacts for the general public (e.g. in civil security, firefighting, and other areas).

Total Exploration – Production (EP) conducts R&D work in fields closely related to its core business, and in 2014 created “Prospective Labs” dedicated to exploratory research. The aim: to use small, agile organizations (Labs) to explore emerging technologies outside of the group’s traditional business fields that could potentially lead to breakthroughs in its activities.

We will be delighted to see you on Thursday 18 May 2017 at 11:00 am at the Innorobo exhibition for the ARGOS Challenge Awards Ceremony, a presentation of the winning team and a discussion with representatives of Total Exploration – Production’s R&D Division.

Attendees include:

  • Kris Kydd, Director, Prospective Lab Robotics, Total Research and Development.
  • Sylvie Duflot, Director, R&D, Total Exploration – Production.
  • Representatives of the winning team of the ARGOS Challenge

Please confirm you will be attending by sending an email to

About the ARGOS Challenge, an initiative by Total Exploration-Production’s R&D Division

By launching the ARGOS Challenge, Total made the bold choice of an open innovation approach. The ambitious aim is to bring together players in the robotics sphere and encourage cooperation in order to make them aware of the operational constraints faced by the operators of Total’s industrial oil and gas production facilities. It also seeks to encourage the design and adoption of innovative robotics solutions that meet exploration and production needs and enable our staff to work more safely. The ARGOS Challenge is part of this desire to get a step ahead in detecting potential breakthroughs that can significantly benefit petroleum exploration and production.


About Innorobo

Innorobo is an Impact Consulting firm specializing in business development through innovation and expertise in worldwide robotics markets. Innorobo’s runs actions in 3 areas: an international event, resources and a community. Throughout the year, Innorobo drives a community of over 3,500 robotics companies worldwide with nearly 20,000 leaders and decision makers who work together through open innovation and see robotics technologies, products and services not only as opportunities for technology-fueled growth and competitive advantages, but also as a means for human progress. Innorobo is firmly convinced that economic objectives can serve and be aligned with a greater cause, that of sustainable humankind. – A Human Approach to Robotics Technologies.

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Vol.3 – Medical and healthcare robotics

The greater number of sensors and smartphone data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and distributed or mobile robotics systems all enable the collection of large quantities of data on all individuals (Big Data). Once it has been processed by AI software, this data can be used for action by robots. We commonly say that today’s medicine is curative in nature. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in medical diagnostics, personalized medicine, individual monitoring tools, and self-monitoring of our own health, the medicine of the future being shaped by technological advances will be much more predictive, preventive and customized.

The entire medical and healthcare value chain, including health insurance systems, will thus have to be overhauled. The so-called Silver Economy, driven by the aging population, is of prime interest to many research laboratories and companies in this field. Research by INRIA’s Héphaistos team, geared primarily towards usage, is one example of this. Logévie, a member of the Housing Action Group (GAL) is highly interested in robotics solutions that can further enhance its well-established know-how in services for senior citizens.

As well, robotics is playing a bigger role in the organization of hospital work as robots, such as those by US firm Savioke or by South Korea’s Yujin Robot, are now transporting medicines from the pharmacy to the patient’s bed. Robotics is also contributing to the quality and safety of care.

Several hospitals have begun experiments to track the movements of healthcare personnel to analyze and curb the transmission of hospital-acquired infections. Not to mention the surgical robots that enable non-invasive surgery and reduce the time spent at rehabilitation facilities. Bertin Nahum, who founded Medtech (now part of an American group) in Montpellier several years ago, has recently announced the founding of a new medical robotics firm, Quantum Surgical. Young French company Axilum Robotics won Innorobo’s Start-Up Competition in 2016 for its Magnetic Transcranial Stimulation device.

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Vol.2 – Major trends in 2016: Unprecedented Technological Convergence

  • Robotics is not the only technology that is evolving exponentially.

The materials sciences, electronics, informatics, mathematics, biology, neuroscience, nanotechnology and other fields are all making rapid advances. Multidisciplinary in essence, robotics draws upon these advances and integrates them into new forms of robotics, thus speeding up its own innovation and deployment in applications on various markets. These associated fields are known as “enabling technologies”. The characteristic feature of the robot is above all its capacity to act autonomously or semi-autonomously on the physical world. However, before acting and interacting in the physical world, it calls upon a number of associated technologies, which are most often “invisible” but fully integrated in the heart of the robot.

  • Soft robotics

Combining progress in materials science with robotics has given rise to a new field of scientific research and innovations called soft robotics. “Mechanical” properties such as elasticity, density, thickness, and viscosity come together to create novel supple materials. This enables, for example, the creation of versatile robotic gripping actuators (pliers, hands, etc.) that, when used in industrial applications, provide robots with unprecedented flexibility. The robot can grasp objects of various sizes, shapes and textures depending on the need. The most impressive use of supple materials in robotics is certainly in the medical field. For example, one condition, cardiac arrhythmia, is often treated by implanting a pacemaker, a battery-operated device, in the patient. Soft robotics has enabled the development of a new essentially mechanical method that, as a result, reduces risk and is better adapted to each patient. A “soft net” surrounds the heart and contracts it in phase with the patient’s natural cardiac movement. For more information, see

  •  Virtual reality and augmented reality

The robotics field quickly began using the Kinect as an affordable 3D vision sensor and today it is capitalizing on advances in virtual reality and voice recognition to offer more intuitive interfaces for both industrial and service robotics. Thus, for example, workers at Airbus can use augmented reality to visualize the technical plans of the aircraft they are in the process of building.

  •  Artificial intelligence and robotics

The convergence garnering the most attention is that of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). Whether it is in the area of perception and the data collected by the robot, followed by the analysis of this knowledge using innovative Deep Learning, Predictive Analysis or even Machine Learning algorithms, in action planning via expert systems or in interaction via Natural Language Processing, AI is becoming an integral part of all aspects of our robots. Like robotics, AI is a General Purpose Technology (GPT). This combination has led to impressive breakthrough innovations in all fields, from autonomous vehicles and guide robots to security, surveillance and maintenance drones, among others.

To support the development of AI in France, the Minister of State for Industry, Digital Sector and Innovation and the Minister of State for Higher Education and Research launched the #FRANCE IA initiative on 20 January 2017. France Stratégie has just published a full report on AI in France. The French Senate has also been working with many experts on the subject and will present its conclusions in the near future.

  •  And in the future?

The next breakthrough will perhaps be in quantum computing. One Canadian company, Kindred, whose founders are former employees of DWave, a firm renowned for its quantum computing work, has incorporated AI in its exoskeletons. If we believe the Transhumanism movement, advances will also come from the convergence of biology, informatics, nanotechnology and robotics. It may also come simply from advanced technology watch on laboratory projects in the medical field.

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