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Midi Ingénierie

City: Toulouse – FRANCE

Application market: Industry 4.0 / Field robotics / Technology

Booth: S13



MIDI INGENIERIE was founded in 1985 to design, develop and manufacture mechatronics mainly dedicated to OEM where specific performances are required. All the developed products are fully qualified to fulfill the application requirements, in terms of quality, function and performance. This is a win to win business strategy focused on what MIDI INGENIERIE do the best for a successful partnership with their customers. Since its creation, MIDI INGENIERIE has built their reputation on reliability and technical performance of the products and their ability to design new applications based on their historical know how in micro stepper motor controls.
MIDI INGENIERIE offers a wide range of products for their customers:

  • Micro stepping motor controller solutions ideally for use in precise and complex rotary and linear axes’ motion sequences,
  • Fully integrated solutions based on a motor, an encoder, a micro stepping controller in one unique compact packaging,
  • Tailored made brushless DC motor drivers with position, torque or/and speed controls,
  • Specific made hybrid motor drivers with position, torque or/and speed controls,
  • Battery management systems to power the stepping control solutions.

The solutions from MIDI INGENIERIE combine hardware with configuration software modules to configure not only axes parameters via simplified GUI through MI Motion Toolbox , but also automatic sequences program through WINSIM programming tools to achieve complete integrated solutions.



Products & Services @Innorobo

Design and manufacture of products dedicated to robotics:

  • Driver strong integration
  • Multifunction driver
  • Integrated motorization
  • Proximity card



An inertia Integration of functions dedicated to robotics on the same board:

  • Single or multi-axis drivers
  • I.M.U (Inertial Measurement Unit) and sensor interface (proximity, collision, acceleration, etc.).
  • Capacity for an integration customer to have its own software code in compliance with the industrial property.


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