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LEJU Robotics Co.

City: Shenzhen – CHINA

Application market: Smart Home

Booth: R04



Leju(Shenzhen) Robotics is one high-end intelligent humanoid robot company, which focus on researching and developing, marketing and manufacturing of robot. Meanwhile, It is also the pioneer of human-machine interactive and convergence.
Leju gathers one group of young and brilliant elites in the field of Robotics and A.I, possess 100% independent IP of Robotics hardware and control system, even master the related core technologies of Robotics, from mechanical design, core parts manufacturing to A.I algorithm.
We not create a Robot, but a friend of human with truly thinking and feeling.



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Aelos, an intelligent robot, adopts multiple operating systems and experience a rigorous validation, has touching sensor and six axial gyro sensor, 16 degree of freedom, more flexible than the most other robots in the market, with unique structural design and testified rigorous step  algorithm, it can easily to do tens of thousands of delicate actions.

Based on multi-OS and BT connection with smartphone App or using game controller directly, you can send the command to the robot to achieve your control purpose. With the concise and easy-using operating interface in App, you can also achieve one-button operation to make all the actions of Aelos under your fingertip control, which enhance your interactive experience with Aelos every time. Our robot will learn more new skills depending on applications continuously updated. Whatever you are a uniform fan or weapons fan , even fashion fan, Aelos can always show you the most exciting performance.

Everyone could operate it easily and enjoy the pleasure of intelligent technology. Come and get fun from our Aelos robot!


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