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City: Jeonju – SOUTH KOREA

Application market: Technology



As a mobile payment service solution developer for sellers, JiNi has developed wearable POS to improve sellers’ sale management environments.
Its technical power was proven by the Certificate of New Excellent Technology (NET) conferred by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in 2015. Since then, JiNi has steadily conducted research and development for consumers to enjoy more comfortable and convenient ICT services through its technology.


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Delivering necessary services to a kitchen or waiter, jiniORDER can resolve the lack of the workforce by supporting quick and accurate waiter’s jobs.
It takes less time for customers to place an order, which thus speeds a turnover of services. In addition, this electronic waiter helps customers easily get information about explanation of the menu, images, etc., and thus choose the menu.

System composition:

  • Customer application: Helps customers directly order, cancel or pay for the menu from the table.
  • Kitchen application: Manage customers’ orders.
  • Waiter application: Manage a kitchen or customers’ calls.
  • Counter application: Manage the entire things such as sales, orders, and more.


  • Computer: Operate the Counter application
  • Tablet: Operate the Customer application
  • Touch screen: Operate the Kitchen and Waiter applications
  • Communication equipment: Wi-Fi and the Internet
  • jiniPAY: Payment



jiniORDER is a waiter robot system, an electronic order management system, which enables customers to directly order or cancel the menu through a tablet without waiter’s help.


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