Innorobo 2017 - May 16-18, Paris, France

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Why Rewire?

We’re Rewiring to better serve the robotics community, focusing on real-life needs and solutions

pointtransparentA 100% BtoB event: 3 whole days dedicated to business and networking

pointtransparent3 central stages : to demonstrate innovations live to Innorobo attendees 

pointtransparentCall for Innovation open to all types of organizations with “impact scale” criteria inspired by the Nesta Foundation’s Standards of Evidence.

pointtransparentA Flipped Pitch Session, public or private stage

pointtransparentA 6,000 sq. m. exhibition space


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You are a firm or a public community.

You are wondering how robotics can provide solutions to your current challenges.

Our Flipped Pitch Session is designed for you.




How does it work?


pointtransparentYou are an industrial group, in robotics or another field. You attend Innorobo 2017 as a visitor or as an exhibitor.

pointtransparentYou pitch your real-life business and/or technology challenges to robotics experts eager to offer viable solutions.

pointtransparentYou select the option that’s right for you:robot_14720559

  • Open central stage : any Innorobo Event visitor or exhibitor can attend
  • Private stage: we curate a selection of expert roboticists and relevant thought leaders, signing NDA when necessary, discretion assured



What are the benefits?

pointtransparentFor “pitchers”:Economies of time and scale: create an agile “dream-team” of roboticists to home in on your problem right away

  • Live demonstration: show your challenges in vivo. On the factory floor, in your warehouse, showroom or field. Spark design thinking to inspire innovation
  • Real-time insights and feedback concerning your challenge, as well as qualified contacts with seasoned experts, and a preview of potential solutions
  • Discretion assured, by request, thanks to the Private option

pointtransparentFor technical solutions and robotics companies:

  • A “one-stop shop” to save time and energy. Meetings with selected “hot” leads that can bring new business opportunities and inspire innovations.
  • Face-to-face collaboration instead of virtual teamwork. It’s all about people and tangible demonstrations



Innovation: everybody’s involved!

…to solve human challenges

Innorobo launches a Call for Robotics Innovations!

Time has come to promote advances in robotics technology that make a concrete contribution to sustainable humankind.  Following start-ups,  the competition is now open to any kind and size of organization that will be awarded during the event. The prize will be selected by the winner among several possibilities.


Rules and criteria have been inspired by 2 NGOs:

  • The Millennium Project: to define the current top 15 Global Challenges we have to face as human beings.
  •  Standard of Evidence of Nesta: that enables the impact of innovations to be measured at a pace and approach that is appropriate to their individual development.

-> Application closing: February, 17th at midnight.

Location - Dock de Paris Exhibition Center

50, Avenue Président Wilson, La Plaine St Denis 93200

pointtransparentBuilt in 1907, the first modern docks in Paris are a testament to the history of industry

pointtransparentA revamped floor plan, linking 3 exhibition halls (1,500, 1,600 and 3,200 sq. m.)

pointtransparentA great venue for a 100% BtoB exhibition


Innorobo 2017

pointtransparentClear signage: from public transportation, between and within the buildings

pointtransparentCatering facilities in every exhibition hall