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City: Seoul – SOUTH KOREA

Application market: Technology

Booth: Q02



INNOPLAYLAB is a robotic startup focusing on social robot development and intelligent robot platform provider. The co-founders have been working together for more than 10 years in robotics industry and having track record of various research projects with government or developing commercial robot for Korea Telecom. Our vision is to lead future life style assisted by robots by bringing robots into home and we aim to provide intelligent robot platform directly to customers or various players by providing flexible development environment to adapt other services. Currently, we have 41 employees covering industrial design, electronics, mechanical engineering and software.

As a mobile payment service solution developer for sellers, JiNi has developed wearable POS to improve sellers’ sale management environments.
Its technical power was proven by the Certificate of New Excellent Technology (NET) conferred by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in 2015. Since then, JiNi has steadily conducted research and development for consumers to enjoy more comfortable and convenient ICT services through its technology.



Products & Services @Innorobo

Ijini Services:
Smart Home Social Robot, iJINI is a home assist robot providing various services at home.
It supports voice recognition and natural language processing user interface and has auto charging function to perform various tasks at home.
The services of iJINI are as follows;
First, personal assistant by performing baby, pet and senior care services and information provision.
Second, home security and monitoring by patrolling user’s home and detecting faces, movements, sounds or any dramatic temperature changes. Also, controlling the robot remotely through smartphone application.
Third, home automation and Internet of Things. It will be able to replace existing remote controllers by being equipped with IR sensors and currently, applying ‘Smart Things’ for expanding on to Internet of Things.
Forth, iJINI can also take photos or read story books for families or children and it’s touch sensors shall allow to interact with users by showing emotions.
Fifth, its interactive communication will allow user to make video / audio call and messaging. However, users may easily make call or message families or friends through voice command and its hands-free video call will allow users to move around home freely without holding the device.



Differentiating factors of our product would be, not only supporting touch and smartphone control user interface, however, providing voice recognition and natural language processing user interface for easy controllability and uniqueness. Also, supporting Android OS for easy content & service development will allow our partners easily develop content or services for iJINI. Also, camera equipped on iJINI will not only take photos but supported by face, motion, color and pattern detection, it shall provide security services along with differentiated angle view. Also, equipped with various sensors, it performs autonomous driving and obstacle avoidance capable of home patrolling and home automation. Moreover, support 4G network allows to provide seamless network environment and business model development which enables INNOPLAYLAB to cooperate with telecom operators around the world.
By designing the whole PCB from chipset, INNOPLAYLAB could manufacture robot more effectively and secure price competitiveness comparing to other companies using modules. So far, with IJINI, INNOPLAYLAB successfully manage to lower the manufacturing cost below US$ 320 including charging cradle.
INNOPLAYLAB continues to develop and manufacture home robots to achieve its vision by leading future lifestyle by bringing robots into our home for assistant. We will be expanding our product portfolio to adapt different home environment and customer demands.
As for extending our natural language processing, INNOPLAYLAB will be adapting artificial intelligence to our core system to increase service capability of robots.


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