Innorobo 2018, 15-17 May, Paris, France

INNOROBO 2017 was a true melting pot of technology, innovations and uses












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Innorobo 2017


Robot@Home @ IFA

Innorobo, Europe’s leading event dedicated entirely to the robotics sector and its innovations, is now opening its doors in Berlin. It will take place September 4th to 7th in Berlin, Germany, as part of IFA, the World’s leading consumer electronics show, with almost 300.000 visitors.
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Robotworld is a robotics exhibition that reflects the Korean vision of robotics technologies, an event open to all audiences that explains, demonstrates and gives impetus to the integration of these technologies in a full range of diverse applications. Read more

World Robot Conference

Focusing on the international research and key application domains of robot, around the theme of innovative development of intelligent society, WRC 2016 is going to conduct high level academic communication and display the latest achievements, build the international collaborative innovation platform, organize the Chinese experts and international peers jointly discussing the innovative development trends of robot, define robot development path, explore the influential impact of robot revolution on future social development. Read more

Singapore International Robot Expo

In 2016, the Singapore government allocated $450 million budget for the Robotics and Automation Industry. This is to boost the adoption of robotics technology for business operations amongst enterprise-users through the National Robotics Programme. The inaugural Singapore International Robo Expo (SIRE) aims to set the stage to breach gaps, support the government initiative and actual adoption of robotics technology. Read more

Entreprise du futur - Lyon, France

Digital is an opportunity for companies to improve their customer proximity and to develop their growth by the emergence of new business models and the conquest of new markets. This day should make it possible to encourage meetings and feedback to add value to the service of creating value. Read more

Fields Robotics National Competition - Paris, France

A first competition was successfully organized in February 2015 on the theme of collaborative robotics in the professional field. Given the strengths of the French sector in the field of outdoor robotics and the importance of potential markets, the General Directorate of Enterprises launches a new competition on the theme of terrestrial and aerial drones intervening in an external environment. This competition will take place on March 7, 2017 at the Museum of Air and Space, on the site of Paris-Le Bourget Airport. Its organization is entrusted to ONERA. Read more

European Robotics Forum - Edinburgh, Scotland

The European Robotics Forum is a three-day event that serves as a meeting point for researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs and business people. It is organised mainly by EU Robotics, a Brussels-based international non-profit association for all stakeholders in European robotics. Read more

Innorobo - Paris, France

Innorobo, renowned as Europe’s only international event 100% dedicated to robotics and all disruptive innovations from around the world, showcases technological innovations that offer solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s societal challenges. It brings together a vast ecosystem of decision makers, from researchers to directors of large groups, to educational leaders, institutions, the media and start-ups. At Innorobo, leaders from all industries pick up on the latest innovations and turn them into market advantages and new growth opportunities.
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CIROS - Shanghai, China

CIROS China International Robot Show, taking place at the National Exhibition and Convention Center of Shanghai, is an international exhibition that is completely dedicated to robots. At this top-class event, which is the first robot exhibition in China, mainly two categories of robots, namely industrial robots including software, components and spare parts as well as service robots are presented. The latter comprise among other things household service robots, medical robots, underwater robots and bionic robots. The fair provides an interesting insight into a development that is already commonly used in China. Read more

World Robot Conference

Building on the success of the previous two years, the World Robot Conference 2017 (WRC 2017) is scheduled to be held in Beijing from August 23rd to 27th, 2017. Revolving around the world's major areas of robotic research and application, and innovation and development in an intelligent society, the WRC 2017 will offer a venue where academic thoughts can be exchanged at high levels and the latest achievements demonstrated, build a platform which helps promote international collaboration and innovation, bring both Chinese experts and their overseas counterparts together so that they could discuss the trends in the development of robotics. In summary, the conference will elevate the international influence of China's robotic industry. Read more

TAIROS - Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan Automation Intelligence And Robot Show is a 4 day event being held from 6th September to 9th September 2017 at the TWTC NANGANG Exhibition Hall in Taipei, Taiwan. This event showcases products like Automation intelligence & robotics technologies, products, equipment and Key parts. Based on Manufacturing applications, the show not only cover from every type of application which including factory production, manufacturing, assembly and other processes, but also expend the solutions of Intelligence automation into daily life from Living, recreation to medical area etc. in the Automation & Robotics industry. Read more

RobotWorld - Il-san, Korea

RobotWorld is the biggest robot specialized exhibition in Korea. RobotWorld is centering around robots & automation systems and also features relevant industries such as service, education, health, machinery, defense and industrial materials, thereby ensures the maximum business outcomes for the participants. Read more

IROS - Vancouver, Canada

The 2017 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2017) will be held in Vancouver, Canada, September 24–28, 2017. The theme of IROS 2017 is “Friendly People, Friendly Robots”. Robots and humans are becoming increasingly integrated in various application domains. We work together in factories, hospitals and households, and share the road. This collaborative partnership of humans and robots gives rise to new technological challenges and significant research opportunities in developing friendly robots that can work effectively with, for, and around people. Read more

IREX - Tokyo, Japan

One of the World’s Largest Robot Trade Shows. The International Robot Exhibition first held in 1974, has since been held once every two years and will mark its 22nd exhibition this year. In the last exhibition held in 2015, the number of exhibitors was 446 companies and organizations, and the number of booths reached 1,882 which is the largest number ever. This included 57 companies and organizations from 13 countries as exhibitors from overseas. The total number of visitors exceeded 120,000 people, and the exhibition is capturing attention as one of the world’s largest robot trade shows attracting around 7,000 people from 55 overseas countries. Read more



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At Innorobo, you meet passionate thinkers and doers, the people making the robotics transformation. An active part of the vast worldwide ecosystem we have built over the years, they help accelerate emerging robotics innovations to market.

With a membership of 3,500 robotics companies and nearly 10,000 experts, entrepreneurs and decision makers, our global community fosters deep, long-term interaction in an open-minded, professional setting.


Innorobo, a human approach to robotics

  • ft_sea
    Innorobo : 7 stands à ne pas rater sur le salon européen de la robotique. Le salon de la robotique s'est tenu du 16 au 18 mai 2017 aux docks de Paris à Aubervilliers. Voici une sélection de quelques projets parmi les plus intéressants.

    / Sciences et Avenir /

  • ft_itespr
    Robotique : la filière française s’organise pour « chasser en meute ». Montlaur, proche de Toulouse, en région Occitanie. Là se trouve le siège social d’une association loi 1901 qui a choisi d’officialiser sa constitution dans le cadre du salon Innorobo : la Fédération française des clusters de la robotique .

    Clément Bohic / ITespresso /

  • ft_pc
    Notre sélection de robots innovants du salon Innorobo 2017. Découverte des robots les plus marquants du salon Innorobo 2017 qui s'est tenu près de Paris jusqu’au 18 mai.

    Foucauld Hénin / Presse Citron /

  • ft_dw
    Paris robotics fair aims to spread robot love. Pro-tip for using an Amazon Echo - ask it about the meaning of life. The answer may surprise you. But questions around automation itself abound - even if they're a little bit more practical. At Innorobo, the annual robotics event in Paris, robotmakers are asking themselves what it would take for consumers to accept more robots into their lives.

    / Deutsche Well /

  • ft_viti
    Pumagri, le tracteur robot de demain. A l’occasion du salon Innorobo, l’entreprise Sitia est venue présenter son tracteur enjambeur Pumagri, un robot autonome capable de travailler le sol. Les premières mises sur le marché sont prévues fin 2018.

    Lucie Marné / Vitisphere /

  • ft_01net
    Innorobo 2017 : trois concepts robotiques qui valent le détour. Robot postier, coffret de programmation robotique ou encore prototype biomimétique, voici nos trois trouvailles de la 7ème édition du salon Innorobo.

    Amélie Charnay / 01net /

  • ft_parisien
    Les robots compagnons très bientôt au seuil de nos foyers

    AFP / Le Parisien /

  • ft_cnet
    Innorobo 2017 : les 4 robots les plus insolites du salon. CNET France s’est rendu à l’édition 2017 du salon Innorobo, consacré à la robotique. Voici les 4 machines les plus insolites croisées lors de nos déambulations dans les allées de l’événement.

    Karyl AIT KACI ALI / CNET France /

  • ft_cem
    Robotique : L'IRT Jules Vernes présente ses travaux à Innorobo  

    / /

  • ft_it
    Catherine Simon, présidente d’Innorobo : « Le salon démontre que la robotique est devenue un sujet de société majeur. »

    / IT numeric /

  • ft_un
    Au salon Innorobo, Arnaud Montebourg appelle à "poursuivre les efforts" pour renforcer l'industrie

    Marion Garreau / L'Usine Nouvelle /

  • ft_ti
    Sans délaisser l'innovation, ce salon annuel consacré à la robotique se concentre chaque année un peu plus sur les problématiques rencontrées par tous les acteurs de la filière.

    Pierre Thouverez / Techniques de l'ingénieur /

  • ft_franceB
    RB3D : les robots au service des métiers pénibles

    Delphine Martin / France Bleu /

  • ft_rb3d
    Il faut aller à Innorobo, car ça nous donne plus de visibilité en France et à l’international.

    Serge Grygorowitcz / RB3D /

  • ft_risk
    Pour la 2ème année consécutive BNP Paribas Cardif est partenaire d'Innorobo

    / RiskAssur /

  • ft_h+
    Un salon tourné vers les usages et les usagers

    / H+ Media /

  • ft_franceInt
    Et si demain le robot devenait souple ?

    Catherine Boullay / France Inter /

  • ft_figaro
    Les robots compagnons au seuil de nos foyers

    / Le avec AFP /

  • ft_un
    La robotique française se structure à Innorobo avec la création d'une fédération des clusters

    Marion Garreau / L'Usine Nouvelle /