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Harmonic Drive France

City: Villeurbanne – FRANCE

Application Market: Industry 4.0 / Medical and Health / Field robotics



For more than 40 years, Harmonic Drive is an undisputed leader for the supply of gears and servomotors for robotics. The Harmonic Drive principle offers lightness, compactness, high accuracy and zero backlash and is therefore ideal for robotics.
Harmonic Drive includes three factories in Germany, in Japan and in the USA. Harmonic Drive AG in Germany is responsible for all Europe. Based in Villeurbanne (69), Harmonic Drive France works with almost all the actors of the robotics market.

Products and Services @Innorobo

  • CHA
    Largest hollow shaft with precision output bearing. Now available in the sizes 14 and 17, which are particularly appropriate for robotics.
  • Unit SHD-2SH
    Short overall length with largest hollow shaft.


Our new units and actuators presented on INNOROBO permit space saving with more accuracy and torque.

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