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Groupement de Recherche (GdR) Robotique

City: Montpellier – FRANCE

Application market:
Industry 4.0 / Medical & Health / Field robotics / Smart Cities / Smart Home / Hospitality retail & Tourism / Technology



The GDR, an open national Research Group in Robotics established by the CNRS has been officially launched in March 2007. The GDR objective concerns the enhancement of the synergy between national laboratories and the fostering of the dynamics of the field. It comprises about 60 teams from CNRS, Universities, INRIA, and associated R&D Institutions (CEA, ONERA, CEMAGREF…), which represent up to 800 researchers, including half of PhD students.



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The GDR covers 4 generic research topics:

  • sensory motor control, perception, action and movement,
  • cognition, decision, autonomy, learning,
  • interaction and cooperation,
  • robotics system design.

It is organized in 8 working groups (WG):

  • Medical Robotics,
  • Autonomous Vehicles (land, air, sea),
  • Multi Scale Manipulation,
  • Robotic Methodologies,
  • Human-Robotic Systems Interaction,
  • Innovative Design and Mechatronics,
  • Humanoids,
  • Robotics & Neurosciences.



Another objective of the GDR is to promote involvement of industrial partners, and to foster collaborative research-industry applications to national and European programs. A club of industrial partners has been created (two dozen of motivated small- and large-sized companies have joined the club so far).

The club of partners is working on a road map in order to better formalize their strategy, should the partners be providers of equipments or end-users of robot technologies. The club has also prepared a collaborative proposal for a national call of the French Research National Agency (ANR).

The goal is to create a platform that would facilitate transfer of knowledge from the academic world toward the industrial one, and technical or scientific challenges from the industrial world toward the academic one.


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