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City: Mérignac – FRANCE

Application Market: Industry 4.0 / Medical and Health / Field robotics / Hospitality retaill & Tourism



Professional service-robotics integrator and and the biggest Europan supplier for robotics product aimed towards Education and Research. French company Generation Robots is offering the best way to get you involved in the service robotics world:

  • Design and development of innovative solutions (human/robot interaction, machine learning, industrial robotics…)
  • On site deployment of turnkey solutions
  • Training in robot programming (ROS, certified NAO and PEPPER trainers)
  • Reliable and efficient technical support

For us, service and software make the difference.




Products and Services @Innorobo

Products :

  • Sawyer collaborative robot mounted on the Husky mobile robot
  • Open Source Poppy humanoid robot – KERAAL Project
  • Pepper humanoid robot – SMART Pepper software application
  • SERVOSILA Waterproof servomotor
  • Pioneer 3DX mobile robot – mapping and navigation

Services :

  • Development and integration of service robotics solutions
  • Development of industrial robotics solutions
  • Software development
  • Training in robot programming (ROS, Nao, Pepper)



  • New software application for the Pepper humanoid robot
  • New product for the medical sector
  • First Sawyer collaborative robot mounted on a mobile robot in the world

If you want a vision of the future, visit our booth! A funny humanoid robot is greeting you and is able to provide you informations, to guide you, to print you a badge as to book a taxi for you! You also will discover a robot able to assist kinesitherapists.
Oh, and are you ready for industry 4.0 ? It is expected to change the face of manufacturing over the next 10 years. Come discuss with us and discover how.


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