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The French Federation of Robotics – FFROB

City: Talence – FRANCE

Application market:
Industry 4.0 / Medical & Health / Field robotics / Smart Cities / Smart Home / Technology



The French Federation of Robotics (FFROB) was established, in December, 2016, in the double objective to bring to the foreground new teams susceptible to compete to RoboCup (in a significant number of different leagues, major and junior) and to organize similar competitions.
Thus, she has vocation to federate all the structures, public and private, susceptible to contribute to the emergence of teams, junior and major, able of participating in RoboCup.
NB: If the perspective of RoboCup in Bordeaux in 2020 is the driving element of the approach, the committed actions within the framework of the FFROB however have authority to continue on the long term beyond this term and even though Bordeaux would not possibly be chosen for 2020.


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Presentation of challenges and robots used for RoboCup Soccer and OnStage:

  • metabot V2
  • metabot Holo



The young French Federation of Robotics conceives a set of services adapted to each of the communities participating in the various competitions RoboCup as well as in other international or national competitions.



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