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  • Company
  • OptoForce is determined to revolutionise the tactile sensing of machines and haptic interaction between people and machines. We work by studying how our own senses work and we find novel ways to engineer it into current appliances. We now focus on industrial automation and also work closely with robotics and prosthetic research labs.

  • Products
  • OptoForce offers a new breed of 3 and 6 axis force and force/torque measurement system for industrial and advanced robotics applications. These sensors are highly customisable. Our products can operate at a wide range, with high sensitivity and durability from 5N to 4000N. We can measure even slipping and shere forces with it, and they can deform more than regular force sensors.

  • Infos
  • The patented OptoForce sensor technology is based on a radically new way of measuring forces. Compared to strain-gauge based load cells, OptoForce transducers are generally much more robust, as the deforming surfaces are physically separated from the sensing element.
    Localisation : Hungary, Budapest
    Typology:  Sensors


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