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City : Nogent Sur Marne – FRANCE

Application Market: Industry 4.0 / Technology



EURLAB – European Robotic LABoratoy

EURL AB is dedicated to all people interested in robotics: teachers, students, “makers”, schools and companies .
EURLAB was created by three european schools as an ERASMUS+ Project funded by European Commission:

  • Lycée Louis Armand in Nogent sur Marne, a French Technical High School specialized in Computer Aided Design, Electricity, Robotics and Mechatronics.
  • Heinz Nixdorf Berufskollegin Essen, a German Technical High School specialized in Electronics, Automation, IT, Mechatronics, Programming and Software Engineering.
  • ITI AM in Cosenza, an Italian Technical High School specialized in Programming, Networking and Robotics.



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EURLAB is a multi-dimensional space for Robotics and its associated technologies:

A. Digital space,,  of open source teaching materials for students, teachers and makers for learning, creating and testing robotic systems:

  • Mind maps of robotic experiments with teaching materials: courses, videos, 3D animations, CAD files, programs;
  • EURLAB matrix: Skills/robotic experiments;
  • Teacher Kit  with teaching methods and organizations;
  • Maker Kit with methods and guides;
  • Virtual laboratory to test its programs, connected to the robotic systems present in the physical laboratories (the Labs).

B. Physical spaces (the Labs) for collaborative learning and creation:

  • Provide robotic workshops for students and teachers
  • Serving as models for FabLab receiving Makers
  • Host robotic systems that can be controlled by the virtual lab.

C. Digital platform for collaborative design and simulation of robotic systems:

  • Enables collaborative design (design of robotic systems)
  • Allows simulations (virtual tests) of robotic systems
  • Allows the creation of parts, carried out by rapid prototyping (3D printing, laser cutting, …)


  • Robot kits with the open source learning content
  • Robotics projects: Rescue Drone; Teleoperated arm and Music Bot.
  • videos on workshops organized with students showing the teaching method.



What is innovative in EURLAB:

  • The new way to learn Robotics using innovative pedagogical methodologies
  • The opportunity to have a complete experience in the development of robotic systems: creating, designing, programing, manufacturing, testing.
  • The use of virtual lab connected to distributed systems like in Industry 4.0.



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