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City: San Diego – USA

Application market: Industry 4.0 / Technology



Cubibot is made up of father ans son team Sina & Aria Noorazar. Sina the co-founder and President of Cubibot, has more than 35 years exprience designing both building and products as well as being a web programmer and designer for the past 15 years. Sina has always been involved in many different businesses worldwide and he is an entrepreneur.

Aria, the con-founder and CEO/CTO of Cubibot is a masters of civil engineering form San Diego State university and has more than 10 years in the mechanical and electrical engineering  companies. Aria also is a certified Solidworks prfessional and hass been developing products as a side business over 5 years.



Products & Services @Innorobo

CubiBot is a super affordable, very attractive and easy to use 3D printers that is made for everyone. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional user, CubiBot has the capabilities required for you. Come see us exhibiting CubiBot and see what CubiBot has to offer for you. Cubibot is Smallest Cloud based and Wifi enabled 3D printer packed with more than 15 innovative features. Given the heated bed with on/off capabilities Cubibot is able to print with a wide range of materials including flexible and rigid.



Cubibot is a small, clean, simple, stylish 3D printer that fits onto your tabletop adding beauty and practicality to your modern life style. Prints in vibrant colors and a wide range of materials.

  1. Cloud printing capabilities.
  2. Heated print bed
  3. Wi-Fi Enabled.
  4. Fast and high quality prints.
  5. Modern design and vibrant colors.
  6. Easy to use WEB-BASED software.
  7. Android and iOS apps.
  8. Smart features for effortless printing.
  9. Smart status notification with multicolor LED.
  10. Filtered ventilation for safer use.
  11. Built-in IP camera for remote monitoring.
  12. Use of advanced materials such as carbon fiber.
  13. Smart cartridge with premium filament.
  14. As easy as plug and print.


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