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Ascodero City: Bray-sur-Somme - FRANCE Application market: Industry 4.0  / Medical & Health / Field robotics Booth: Q01   Company ASCODERO Productique® (ASsemblage, COmposite, DEtection, RObotique) is your partner for the production of your production means, we are "Automation Designer". We do not spas an engineering office but a process office. We are highly oriented INNOVATION

Flylab City: Paris - FRANCE Application market: Field robotics / Technology Booth: Q22   Company Flylab, the first fablab in France focusing on drone since 2013, developed since 2016 the 1st modular platform and open source of robotic integration and IA, as is Android for phones. In our view, rolling, flying robotics combined with IoT and AI

Econocom City: Puteaux - FRANCE Application market: Industry 4.0 / Medical & Health / Field robotics / Technology   Company Econcom designs, finances and oversees companies' digital transformation. With 10 000 employees in 19 countries and revenue in excess of € 2.5 billion, Econocom has all requisite abilities to ensure the successful implementation of large-scale

The French Federation of Robotics – FFROB City: Talence - FRANCE Application market: Industry 4.0 / Medical & Health / Field robotics / Smart Cities / Smart Home / Technology   Company The French Federation of Robotics (FFROB) was established, in December, 2016, in the double objective to bring to the foreground new teams susceptible to compete to RoboCup (in a significant

PRO Consulting City: Toulouse - FRANCE Application market: Industry 4.0 / Medical & Health / Field robotics / Smart Cities / Smart Home / Hospitality retail & Tourism / Technology   Company PRO Consulting is specialized to help in clusters creation, development and animation. PRO Consulting work on organization, communication, business development, strategy, tactics, press relation, public

Polytech Lille City: Lille - FRANCE Application market: Industry 4.0 / Medical & Health / Field robotics / Smart Cities / Technology Booth: Q01   University Polytech Lille is a polytechnic university for sciences and technologies, member of the first national network of engineering in sciences and technologies, in France, the Polytech group. A "Grande Ecole" at the heart

PFT Innovaltech City: Saint-Quentin - FRANCE Application market: Field robotics / Technology Booth: Q01   Center The technological platform INNOVALTECH has for mission to support individually Picardes companies in the development of their innovative projects, by the realization of industrial prototypes, offer of services (departments), expertises and trainings (formations). It is considered as a technical center of resources

PaintUP City: Villefranche sur Saône - FRANCE Application market: Industry 4.0 / Field robotics / Technology Booth: S05   Company PaintUP is a Startup founded in November 2015 with the ambition to provide the industry with a revolutionary tool to easily, accurately and safely handle very large vertical surfaces. The construction industry is currently using very few robots. In most cases, workers clean, paint or coat surfaces manually. These operations are painful for operators. The French personal injury prevention account recognizes painful factors associated with postures, mechanical vibrations, repetitive work, contact with chemicals and exposure to extreme temperatures. In France, there are nearly 2,000 injured people every year due to their falling from working at height. An operator spending his professional life on scaffoldings takes a significant risk of becoming disabled. Finally, operations on vertical surfaces are expensive, as indicated by the French BT46 index for painting, wall hangings and wall coverings. Nearly 60% of the costs are dedicated to the workforce. For operators, PaintUP reduces pain and improves safety. For the company that employs them, PaintUP solutions increases productivity and boosts production capacity. Our ambition is to become the world leader in façade processing robots. Development has started in the Lyon area, then we intend to equip other large cities in France, in Europe, then in countries with high labor costs     Products & Services @Innorobo PaintUP unveils for the first time its demonstrator which is still under development. This version is designed for cleaning very large vertical surfaces (dimensions >3000 sq ft). PaintUP platform is attached at the end of a rotating telehandler boom will enable precise positioning of a hot water high pressure nozzle to clean surface at a rate of 30 000 sq ft per day on heights up to 100 ft for a cost of 30% lower than existing alternatives. Such a first application will allow us to field test and fine tune our technology. Other applications, such as sandblasting and painting will follow in a near future. On longer-term, PaintUP plans to expand its activities in 3D printing or machining directly on site.   Innovation By combining an industrial robotic arm, a rotating telehandler and a laser tracker, PaintUP technology is creating a system with an unrivaled range of several hundred meters and a precision of less than ½ inch. The PaintUP process starts with computer assisted operations planning on a digital mockup. This mockup can be issued from a surface 3D acquisition by using a laser scanner in case of renovations or directly from a BIM (Building Information Modeling) computerized design in case of new constructions. Once on site, only a single operator remains on the ground, comfortably sitted in an air-conditioned cabin. The PaintUP user interface assists him in controlling operations. The operator is only in charge of macro displacement of the robotic system next to the façade. Once close to the target area, the robotic arm automatically recalculates trajectories to reach all points within its range. Indeed, prior to generating its trajectories, it integrates real time dynamic compensation to correct any wrong initial positioning or any potential external disturbances such as those due to wind for example.  

HMI-MBS City: Saint Martin d’Abbat - FRANCE Application market: Industry 4.0 / Medical & Health / Field robotics / Technology Booth: Q05   Company HMi-MBS, an independent company with more than 15 years of experience, offers innovative products and solutions to all your strapping and industrial robotization requirements. HMi-MBS, preferred distributor of Universal Robots distributes and brings

FIT City: Oyonnax - FRANCE Application market: Field robotics Booth: Q05   Company Plastic industry supply company   Products & Services @Innorobo Presentation of the range of UNIVERSAL ROBOT collaborative robots as preferred distributor UR France.