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BA Robotic Systems Group

City: Mordelles – FRANCE

Application market: Industry 4.0 / Medical & Health / Field robotics / Technology

Booth: S02



French expert in intralogistics systems based on AGV, BA Systèmes supports industrial companies in the full automation of their flows. Over 300 sites in Europe are equipped with BA Systèmes’ solutions, hence improving the productivity, flexibility and reliability of processes of Nestlé, L’Oréal, Kraft Food or even Heineken.

Involved in a permanent innovation process recognized by international awards, BA Robotic Systems group develops its expertise in mobile robotics to provide its customers with the cutting-edge technologies. Innovative applications are implemented by dedicated subsidiaries in the medical, port and industrial fields.



Products and Services @Innorobo

BA Healthcare provides the medical world with safe and innovative solutions for rehabilitation and autonomy, with a constant care for the well-being and fast recovery of the patients.

FORWARD is an autonomous mobile base for walking rehabilitation and autonomy. The patient can evolve safely and autonomously with the robot which prevents him from falling and guides him through the rehabilitation center or within a residency. The physiotherapist can focus only on motivating the patient and on his progress rather than supporting its weight… Specifically designed for walk rehabilitation after a stroke, the robot is a decisive help to get patients walk as early as possible and as much as possible.



Key Features:

  • Ambulatory robotic device for gait rehabilitation,
  • Easiest and safest device to help patients to rewalk.

Key Advantages:

  • Simple and robust design,
  • Autonomous localization,
  • Programming of the robot’s trajectories.


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