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Makers with Caliban

  • Sylvain Borelli, a member of Caliban, is coming with an Anki Cozmo robot and presenting his YouTube channel designed to popularize robotics.


  • Guy Feuilloley, Versatile Robot, Caliban member. Presenting several robots:
    • Mini R.E.G.I.S: The aim is to study an original means of one-wheel locomotion that, unlike current techniques, is based on the properties of the inertial gyroscope in order to simplify the stabilization control system. This mechatronics solution is advantageous in that it does not require powerful calculation resources.
    • An ultralight quadrapod with effort measurement incorporated in the leg structure. This robot is designed to study a new leg architecture that helps to sense efforts in a more natural way and to enable movements to be better adapted, while using very simple servomotors. QRIOUS seeks contact with the ground surface and also feels the weight of its leg.
    • An education kit to build a vibration-driven line-following robot. If walking or balancing on a single wheel seem too complex for you, another fun way to make a robot move could be to have it slide across the floor using vibration. This is what the Twin Bristlebot does. Here is my small contribution to the fun world of those who love minimalistic robotic mobility systems.


  • Thierry Biaujout, President of the Caliban association, presents his sumo robots and his robotic spider.


  • Raouf Ignath, Secretary of Caliban, presents Scratina, the sumo robot.


  • Bruno Motyka, Caliban member, will come with his Alpha 1S, an FPV drone and a sumobot
  • Matthieu Dewayrin, Caliban member which exposes a giant robotic hand made to be integrated on a 3m high exoskeleton arm



  • Vladimir Kadir, Caliban member, comes to expose its robot Stinger: Twice as heavy as a human, this robot is entirely made of metal!It is made mainly from recovered parts, it has a power of 400kg in the arm! It has a target recognition system that allows it to track objects or people.



  • Aymeric Weinbach will bring its Poppyrate, a humanoid robot printable in 3d. It is a derivative of the Poppy project intended to be a more affordable version in terms of price and to democratize humanoid robotics.




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