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City: Suncheon-si, – SOUTH KOREA

Application market: Field robotics

Booth: Q02



AIRO Inc. is a South Korean company providing underwater robots (MIRO, Marine Intelligence Robot) and its related entertainment and industrial services.



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MIRO is a bio-mimetic robot, swimming like a real fish, in an aquarium or an underwater environment, thanks to the two joints structures with two motors. Using 4 infrared DMS(distance measurement sensors) on the head (front, left, right, bottom), it can detect obstacles and can swim up, down, left or right, with international waterproof certification under 50 meters deep in the water, or 500 kPa pressure.

  1. Being developed are robotic reproduction of species in danger such as coelacanth or perished ones.
  2. MIRO Camera(Robot fish with a camera module) for entertainment such as “fishing robot fish” or  “Exploring Underwater world” is available.
  3. Underwater Drone(MIRO-D) for either entertainment or industrial usages (water quality detection and etc.) will be developed in future.
  4. Aqua pet and its solution in a household is being blueprinted.





  • Reproduction of fossil species or endangered one will be introduced. The first version of Coelacanth will be released by the end of July 2017. A prototype  “Coelacanth” of the current reproduction will greet visitors. Pre-order for other species is possible at the exhibition after discussion with AIRO staffs.
  • Bio-mimetic Robot fish with Camera module will be displayed. Now we can see underwater world through the eye of MIRO, the robot fish.


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