Innorobo 2018, 15-17 May, Paris, France

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An Impact Consulting Firm, the closest both to the market demands and to the emerging technological trends.

At Innorobo, we encounter the passionate thinkers and makers of the robotics transformation. To accelerate emerging robotics innovations to market, we gather around them a powerful ecosystem.

We foster strong interactions between experts, entrepreneurs and decision makers in a professional and open-minded atmosphere:  3,500 robotics companies and nearly 10,000 leaders are part of the global robotics community activated by the company.

Innorobo, a human approach to robotics


Innorobo Rewired!

Robotics companies are so often technology oriented that they sometimes forget it is a mean and not the purpose. Now that most technologies are advancing at a fast pace, it is time to change focus and reverse our way of thinking.

Innorobo Rewired is about addressing the real-life issues thanks to technology. It is time to answer market needs!

Turning a transformative power into pragmatic solutions!

In 2017, Innorobo adds a full set of Resources to its 3 days event for companies, institutions, start-ups, investors, researchers, etc. to Explore, Experience, Expand and Excellerate the impact of robotics technologies on their market and for all of society:

  • Enjoy our free, open and collaborative Community’s directory. Publish and disseminate all your technological innovations.
  • Benefit from our qualified intermediation services for you to identify potential successful new partners and develop whole new markets.
  • Ask about our consulting services for state-of-the-art analysis and experts’ enlightened recommendations to transform business or technological challenges into opportunities for growth and solutions through innovation.
  • Participate to tailored International trade missions organized with Innorobo partners, namely the national robotics federations in Asia and Europe.
  • And attend Innorobo main Event in Paris:
    • A redesigned implementation of the event settings to improve visibility
    • A “Call for Innovation” to open the successful Call for Start-ups to all types of organizations
    • More demonstration dedicated spaces
    • Real life issues pitches

Let’s walk the talk and impact businesses and society with a human approach to robotics technologies.

The voices behind the robot


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President & founder

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Marketing & Community Relations

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Public Relations

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Thibaut MOULIN

Community & Technology Officer
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Community Manager