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A.I. Mergence

City: Paris – FRANCE

Application Market: Smart Home / Technology

Booth: Q17



A.I.Mergence is a start-up company specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Robotics. We are currently conceiving the first French smart robot dedicated to domestic security. We benefit from a solid expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics also offer a consulting service to advise companies in various areas.



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E-4 is a smart and autonomous robot dedicated to prevent, alert, and protect the house from intrusions, home-jacking and domestic incidents such as fire and water leaks. E-4 is embedded with Artificial Intelligence and can recognize family members, adapt its behavior according to its user’s habits and learn from its environment.



We focused our researches on biomimetics, which leads E-4 to effectively interact with people and animals. Our Artificial Intelligence algorithms make E-4 an advanced technology robot which continuously learn by itself from its user’s habits and environment and will adapt its behaviour accordingly.
Easy to use is what defines our product. E-4 doesn’t require any installation: Our goal is to make its use as easy as turning on TV.


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