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Kamibot – 3.14

City: Daegu – SOUTH KOREA

Application market: Technology



3.14 is a company based in Daegu, South Korea, founded in 2014, which combines papercrafts and electronic hardware to create educational interactive paper toys for children and those learning programming. 3.14 specializes in hardware/software development and papercraft design, and are geared towards educating the minds of the next generation of inventors.

3.14 is the first company to combine papercrafts and electronic hardware to create an smart interactive paper toy for the market. 3.14’s current product, Kamibot, was successfully crowdfunded in March 2016 and is available for purchase on Amazon.



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Kamibot is a small programmable robot that makes it fun for kids to learn to code. Kamibot is a small, programmable robot that kids can endlessly customize by writing their own code, and by adding creative papercraft skins.Right now coding education is too boring for most kids, so they don’t stick with it. Kids love Kamibot because they can endlessly customize it with their own code and colorful skins and send it on fun missions using an easy-to-learn drag-and-drop programming language.

Kids can easily learn how to code using Scratch and move up to actual text coding with C++ through Arduino. The programming skills kids learn with Kamibot are easily transferrable to real-world applications. Kamibot includes a range of sensors that help it move around. IR sensors on Kamibot’s undercarriage allow it to follow a black line through a set course. Ultrasonic sensors up front help Kamibot to avoid obstacles. Kamibot is driven by wheels connected to two, independent DC motors.



Kamibot is a programmable robot that can be transformed into virtually any cartoon,videogame, or movie character with character papercrafts. Because the material is paper, it is inexpensive and easy for us to manufacture new characters quickly. Children can learn to program with any character they choose. All they have to do is find the character they like on our webpage, download it, and print it out for free. Parents don’t have to worry about their child getting bored of their toy in a week, and better yet, they don’t have to break the bank by trying to buy their child multiple smart toys.


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