Innorobo - Paris, France from 24 to 26 May 2016

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Innorobo first edition took place in March 2011. Innorobo is owned and organized by Innoecho which is a company dedicated to coordinating and accelerating the development of emerging ecosystems, a driver of growth through innovation.

Its president, Catherine Simon, former Syrobo’s General Secretary, strongly believes in Robotics and in the need of giving this emerging industry an international  dedicated place to demonstrate its innovations and its various fields of application where professionals from all industries can meet and understand the importance and potential of this new ecosystem.

What is Innoecho?

InnoEcho is a catalyst for open, collaborative innovation via:

  • Organization of professional events (ecosystems) and general public events (awareness)
  • Consulting and professional publications to support companies and inform financial partners
  • Community management with networking of researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and major groups to speed up the emergence of new markets

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The team

We are a small team, working with passion for the success of Innorobo, the Robotics ecosystem in general and yours and globally for a better world. None of us has an event background, so this is the reason why we have been assisted over the years with a successful event consultant to build an international summit dedicated to Robotics and all disruptive innovations.

Catherine Simon

President and CEO

Beryl Breas

Managing Director

Hélène Duchassin

Administration and Finance Manager

Jade Le Maître

Social Network & Projects Manager

We believe...

We believe robotics and its related technologies provide solutions to improve our quality of life, solve societal challenges and contribute to a sustainable planet.

Based on this belief, we have developed a 3-day robotics summit that brings together a broad business ecosystem with the aim of launching robotics innovations onto the market as swiftly as possible.

In terms of markets, robotics knows no frontiers. At InnoRoboTM, we think in terms of “robotics technologies“, whether they are embedded in a single machine (a robot) or widely distributed throughout a system. Thus, our definition of robotics is intentionally broad, covering all robotics and related technologies, from sensors to artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things and Big Data.
InnoRoboTM creates and enables attendees to experience and better understand the multiple direct or indirect links that a single company can weave with diverse partners in the robotics business ecosystem. The exhibition helps to foster the ecosystem’s emergence as a community of co-development, open innovation and shared vision.