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Created in 2011, Innoecho is an Impact Consulting firm focused on business development through innovation and expertise in worldwide robotics markets. Innoecho brings together a vast business ecosystem of disruptive technologies in order to make the world a better place.

Throughout the year, Innoecho drives a community of over 3,500 robotics companies worldwide with nearly 10,000 leaders and decision makers who work together through open innovation and see robotics technologies, products and services as opportunities for technology-fueled growth and competitive advantages.

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The team

Innoecho was founded by Catherine Simon, a consultant, coach and expert in international strategy and business development for high-tech companies. A graduate of EMLYON business school and INSEAD-certified coach, Catherine has 25 years of experience at C-suite level for innovative SMEs in consumer electronic goods and robotics. Fueled by a genuine passion for foresight and innovations that help to improve our world, she was touted by French business weekly Challenges (March 2014) as one of the 100 personalities in France who is truly driving the French high-tech sector forward.). She was among the Rhône-Alpes region finalists of the « Trophées Femmes de l’Economie » 2014 in the New Technologies category.

She has a great team, working with passion for the success of Innorobo, the Robotics ecosystem in general and yours in particular!

Catherine Simon

President and CEO

Beryl Breas

Managing Director

Jade Le Maître

Projects Manager

Jing Zhang

Junior Sales Manager

Our mission:

Innoecho mission is to encourage and support a human approach to technological progress. We believe in open innovation, entrepreneurship and building a societal vision through sharing and exchange.
It starts with a ” dissemination of knowledge ” to an unsuspecting public , decision makers with a strong economic impact.
Accepting the rules of a « Business” ecosystem does not mean the loss of our humanistic consciousness. The robot complements Man, provides help for a better life, not replace Him.