Innorobo - Paris, France from 24 to 26 May 2016


Innorobo is the only event in Europe
100% dedicated to robotics and disruptive innovations!

innorobo-logo-baseline in PARIS from 24 to 26 May 2016

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Curious? Experience Innorobo 2015:

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  • bbc-newsround
    If you love robots you'll love the hundreds of new models on display at Innorobo, Europe's biggest robotics exhibition in Lyon in France. [...] There are over 150 exhibitors from countries all over the world at this years event in France.

    CBBC / BBC Newsround /

  • euronews
    Beim alljährlichen Gipfeltreffen der künstlichen Intelligenz INNOROBO im französischen Lyon zeigten Roboter aus aller Welt ihr Können: freundlich, praktisch und jederzeit hilfsbereit. Gut 500 Kreaturen aus 20 Ländern ließen die Arme rudern und die Augen rollen.

    Deutschland / Euronews /

  • humanoides
    The trade show’s general atmosphere is friendly, people walk around, ready to talk to one another, we can notice here and there conversations between researchers and manufacturers, between foreign and French companies. Startups meet big companies and everyone can get information to know if a robot can correspond to the sector it belongs to. People use this opportunity where the atmosphere is open and everyone is available and ready for a real information exchange.

    H+ Media Group / /

  • BBC_News
    Here you get a flavour of a future where robots live amongst us. You can walk from one end of Innorobo to the other in five minutes – but in that time you will see more innovation packed into a small space than you will ever find in those gigantic shows (MWC and CES).

    Rory Cellan-Jones / BBC News /

  • cruxialcio
    According to CNN technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones, while the venue may only take five minutes to walk from end to end, the number of technology innovations being showcased here trumps CES and MWC.

    Rav De Castro / /

  • ADP-square
    For the Aéroports de Paris Group, taking part in an event like Innorobo is a way to meet innovative new companies, stay on top of the latest trends and set up partnerships to address our challenges in terms of airport robotization.

    Antoine Vigario / Innovation Project Manager – Aéroports de Paris /

  • There’s an excitement in the room at the Inside 3D Printing conference today, probably best characterized by the concept that something created today, by someone at this show, could become as transformative as the iPhone in a few years.

    / 3d Printing Industry /

  • When I dropped by the Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo at New York City’s Javits Center, I was struck by how much it has grown in just a year—seemingly doubled in size. It’s good to know that interest among both business and consumers in this young and exciting eld remains high.

    / PC Mag /

  • For two days, New York became the center of the 3D-printing world, with some of the industry’s leading companies gathering at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center...

    / Mashable /

  • After years of being lumped in with other maker-oriented technologies, 3D printing finally has its own professional conference, the Inside 3D Printing event.

    / CNET /

  • You had a lot of people here who were trying to learn about it, thinking it might be a eld they want to move into and you have manufacturers saying that this is the wave of the future.’ The turnout for the two day event showed 3D printing had an “immense future” in Australia...

    / Manufacturers’ Monthly /

  • Better than estimated, much better than estimated. It’s a great audience. I’ve met personally a lot of people who are coming from the automotive industry, I’ve met people who are coming from construction, and engineering, and design, various things. It’s really nice to see so many people interested in 3Dprinting, especially people we’ve never met before.

    Dr. Ingo Ederer / CEO of Voxeljet AG /

  • We think it’s surprisingly valuable because of this international audience. We did not estimate so many people by volume to come to this conference. The previous conferences of that kind in Germany have had a third or a quarter of the audience so far.

    Stefan Ritt / Export, Sales & Marketing Manager at SLM Solutions GmbH /




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