Innorobo - Paris, France from 24 to 26 May 2016

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Innorobo signs 5 major international agreements, thus opening the worldwide robotics movement up to its exhibitors and partners

Europe’s leading summit on the worldwide robotics market has recently signed 5 strategic agreements with leading players in Asia and North America. Innorobo is joining forces with JARA (the Japan Robot Association, Japan), KAR (the Korea Association of Robot Industry, South Korea), SIAA (the Singapore Industrial Automation Association, Singapore), CRIA
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Innorobo geht auf Europatournee

Das führende Gipfeltreffen im Bereich der globalen Robotertechnik stellt sich mit neuer Organisation vor und startet eine Europatournee, um einen noch engeren Kontakt mit wichtigen Akteuren des Sektors herzustellen. Erster Halt: Docks de Paris, wo die nächste Veranstaltung am 24., 25. und 26. Mai 2016 in der französischen Hauptstadt stattfindet. Innorobo,
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Innorobo dà il via al tour dell’Europa

l più importante summit sulla robotica globale presenta una nuova organizzazione e parte per un viaggio in Europa che metterà l'evento ancora più in contatto con i principali operatori del settore. Prima tappa: i Docks de Paris, dove dal 24 al 26 maggio 2016, proprio nella capitale francese, si svolgerà la
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Innorobo arranca su tour europeo

El principal encuentro internacional de robótica anuncia una nueva organización y comienza un tour por Europa para acercarse aún más a los mejores profesionales del sector. Primera parada: los Docks de Paris, donde tendrá lugar la próxima edición el 24, 25 y 26 de mayo de 2016 en la capital
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350 visionaries from the worldwide robotics industry were at Innorobo 2015, Europe’s international robotics summit

Year after year, Innorobo is strengthening its position as Europe’s leading summit for the world robotics community. For its 5th edition, held in Lyon, France from 1 to 3 July 2015, Innorobo brought together over 350 speakers, experts and senior managers from companies that design or use today’s and tomorrow’s
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Smart Homes – From digital technology to robotics: the continuum of change in our everyday lives

Whatever acronyms we create or words we use - think “Internet of Things”, “Big Data”, “Internet of Robotic Things”, “AI”, etc. - we are in essence referring to the same underlying technologies, i.e. communication systems, software (artificial intelligence, voice or image recognition algorithms, HMI and interaction design, etc.), electronics, materials
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